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Cards on the Homepage

  1. The reading plans made into cards where the book, new note file, and reading plan itself opens is a distraction. I make reading plans to read a book and may or may not take notes, so I want the ability to customize the cards on the homepage for the behavior I want opened instead of the default. Just open the book to read and nothing else.

  2. So far this is my only major beef with Logos 8. My work-around is to open the reading plan and the resource in a new layout, save the layout, and put a shortcut to the layout at the top of the screen. (The reason for keeping the reading plan in the layout is in case I've opened the resource to a different page in the meantime; I can always get back to where I am in the plan.)

  3. Yeah, the problem with that is it doesn't work for all the books I am reading, just one. I guess I could add all the books to one layout and it would work. You have given me and idea for a great workout, thanks.