Stress, anxiety, depression - What to do when life gets you down

Saturday, September 25th  •  7:00–8:30 pm (EDT)

Topic: In today's world, more people than ever are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, and other emotional problems. Join us as we attempt to uncover the reasons behind our emotional struggles while connecting to our God who deeply desires our peace and comfort in Him. 

Bio: Joe Wilkie is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the Nashville, TN area who is passionate about providing therapy and preaching God's Word. Utilizing a blend of treatment modalities, Joe has 5+ years experience working with clients struggling with anxiety, addictions, trauma, and various emotional disorders. He also has 10+ years of experience preaching and teaching the Bible. Joe hopes to inspire his audience to better understand how to process and work through their mental health struggles while growing closer to God.