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Critical Race Theory adopted by SBC

  1. I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I haven't been to service in awhile, so if this has already been addressed I apologize for rehashing; Doug could you comment on the current trajectory of the SBC and the Critical Race Theory issue that I keep seeing pop up in various ways online? Is our Church a member of the SBC? Thanks!

  2. Hey, Lindsay. This isn’t a bad place to post this, although I’m not sure how many actually visit.

    I’m not aware of all the nuances of the direction of the SBC in regards to Critical Race Theory. I have heard it is making inroads into some of the seminaries. I have also seen accusations against Mark Dever and Al Mobley, which I believe to be unfounded. Some of these accusations are coming from the same types of sites that slam MacArthur and call him a heretic. Then again, CRT is one of those politically expedient issues that makes you sound good to lol the right people in power. I do think it is something to keep an eye on while at the same time not over-reacting.

    As far as our church is concerned, we are neither in the SBC, nor going down the road of CRT.

  3. Thanks Doug, that's very helpful. It's hard to sift thru all the social political hubbub in the church these days. I like this format, I just hadn't had a chance to poke around here yet.