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What did you think of the "Snow Day" Service (Feb 10th, 2019)

  1. So what do you think of the Snow Day service? If there were a chance to "hang out" online after a regular on-campus Sunday service (say, on a Sudnay afternoon?) would you be interested? Is the online teaching model something we should do in some way going forward (in addition to the regular, live, in-person service at church)?

  2. It is really neat that at the same time that our "world" becomes smaller by virtue of the weather keeping us from travelling, we can gather and hear a message of universal impact and power. Viva por Christos!

  3. So we had a bit of a challenge maintaining the YouTube live feed. Fortunately, the sermoon in its entirety was recorded and has been posted here: https://sermons.faithlife.com/sermons/356746-reframing-jesus-who-is-your-father

    Give it a listen and report back here. Was this a worthwhile effort?