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Should Pastors Be Paid

  1. Saw the Questions Aloud show highlighted on FaithLife TV...looked through the topics and the one about pastors getting paid caught my eye.

    I hate to be critical, but I was expecting a dialog over the pros and cons of paying or not paying a pastor. I felt the episode lacked research. It reminded me of conversations I would have with other students in seminary before we learned the realities of trying to lead an organziation.

    I also wasn't real thrilled with the, seemingly, low view of pastors...that if pastors ever lose their jobs they will have a hard time finding other work since all they know is being a pastor. The pastors that I know who step out of full time ministry do pretty well. Many end up making more money than they did being a pastor. I can't speak for megachurch pastors though. Many pastors can speak, write, teach, lead, manage people., etc. I know some...they've gone on to life coach, manager in a large bio company, a project manager in a pharmaceutical company, and even a car salesman.

    I can speak for my experience...I stepped out of pastoral ministry for a few years and worked as a Java Developer...I entered back into full time ministry about 14 years ago and I still am making less than I did in 2003. I'm in full time ministry not because of money, or because I don't have other skills, but because of a calling I can't seem to deny.

    I'm not arguing that pastors SHOULD be paid...I had just hoped for more of a dialog around the topic with pros and cons both ways. I heard a lot of hypothetical "how church could work..." but nothing solid. I'm sure your model has been tried at some point somewhere....or perhaps yiou can look here: https://exploringthefaith.com/elder-led-churches/

    Again...I'm not arguing for or against...I just feel the subject wasn't given justice in the discussion.

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