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Identifying Missing Concepts

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  1. The Lexham Survey of Theology/Systematic Theology Ontology currently includes 234 concepts, organized into eight major branches that reflect the traditional structuring of systematic theological writing and inquire. Our purpose was to include all the major beliefs common to a broad range of Christian groups, without taking particular positions on disputed issues or attempting to capture every minor point.

    Are there any concepts that you would argue should be added to the ontology to ensure that it is a reasonably complete account of Christian systematic theology? Are there areas with significant discussion in the theological literature that fall outside these concepts?

  2. Testing whether followers can respond to the discussion.

  3. This is something I tried to add a while ago - now the discussions are go, here they are again

    I don't have topics to suggest to add to the LST ontology, but I wonder whether a fruitful approach might be to take a less standard theology for the group to consider/index. For example Tillich's Systematic Theology, or Rodman WIlliams' Renewal Theology. or even Amos Yong's new Introduction to Theology. The works that I gather you've taken as canonical seem to be all of a piece, whereas these others may take you outside the square. Another few variants which could be of interest are Schleiermacher's Christian Faith or Thomas Oden's trilogy.

    Hope these thoughts may be of some use.

  4. This was something I thought about, too.

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