Thank you for the link. Very interesting and helpful information.

With respect to the following in the article:

"2. A Church-based theological education network for the twenty-first century:"

The idea of having

"key churches or a localized community of churches, which are capable of housing extensive resources, hosting conferences, and maintaining an on-line computer center."

is excellent, a lofty goal worthy of prioritizing it as key.

Problem is how to get to that.

In the Bible, before a local church was available to tap into the human and technical resources, disciples were needed to be gathered first.

Jesus prayed, and walked, engaging persons in the real life situational context of His time.

So I see that before a new proposed theological model is executed, a baby step is in order:

Chaplains: corporate, marketplace, community, schools, health and fitness related institutions and the like.

Just as some denominations engage in Community Health Evangelism (CHE), one can engage in initiatives like Aquaponic project development, to allow something similar to the "A handful of rice" project, to gather disciples and funds to eventually develop the staging Head quarters called for in the article.

Social justice to help alleviate structural evil is not only for liberals, and is not about giving without fostering Christian responsibility and stewardship.

Teach them to fish (tent making in the Bible), and evangelize them at the same time is a Biblical model.

Christian responsibility and stewardship must be incorporated into the evangelical and planting environment to then be able to achieve sustainability to do the staging HQ structural support for further theological training.

Sorry for the late input, and remember that the thoughts expressed come from a regular sheep in a non-expert status.

Peace and grace.