Summit Church
Prayer In The New Covenant Pt. 2
      • Mark 11:22ESV

        • Matthew 6:1–13NKJV

        • John 17:1–10NKJV

        • John 17:20–23NKJV

        • Psalm 51:10–12NKJV

        • 2 Chronicles 7:14NKJV

        • 1 Peter 3:12NKJV

        Winning Group Questions

        What was your takeaway from this message?

        What does it mean to speak empty phrases?

        Why isn't the disciple's prayer (aka the Lord's prayer) for us today?

        Is 2 Chronicles 7:14 a New Covenant prayer? Explain.

        Is Psalm 51:10-12 a prayer for us today? Explain.

        This week's prayer focus:

        - Summit Church will be a beacon of light and use the resources God gave us to reach the lost in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. (Matthew 5:14-16)