Mount Pleasant BIC
July 11, 2021 Bulletin
Songs in this Week's Service

My Life is in You

The Joy of the Lord

I've Got Peace Like a River

Be Still and Know

There is a Place of Quiet Rest

Peace with God

Romans 5:1ESV

July Prayer List

Pray for the church board for wisdom and guidance as they have many decisions to make. Also, for the deacons as we walk aside of many persons who are hurting and suffering.


-Prayers are with Fran as she starts radiation treatments for a tumor on her spinal cord.

-Sam's aunt Lori was in an accident.

-Adrien is having some emotional struggles right now.

Prayers are with Dick and Ruby after Connie's passing.

-Prayers are with Linda T. as her husband Mike passed away

-Lois S. had cataract surgery and is recovering.

-Al L. had his cataract surgery and is recovering.

-Prayers for Joel's family as they deal with several medical challenges.

-Tony B has been ill and is awaiting answers to testing.

-Helen has not been feeling well.

-Fran's severe back and neck pain.

-Chris has been having nerve pain.

-Continue to pray God will provide a Youth Ministry Coordinator


-Bev has received word that she does not need chemotherapy and can begin returning to her normal activity!

-Mason had a good MRI.

-Darlene is starting a new job with a much better schedule.

-Helen H. is home from the hospital, prayers for continued healing.

-Warren T. is home and doing better - pursuing home dialysis

-Tony B. has started a new job!

-The technology to stay in touch in so many ways.

-Salvation and hope for the future

-A Loving Father

-This body of believers

-Answered Prayer and healing


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Statistics from 7/4/2021

Offering - $3,044.70 General Fund

Discovery Hour -44

Morning Worship Hour -77/8 Virtual

June Financial Report

$20,051.13    Income

$16,038.88   Expenses

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