Mount Pleasant BIC
September 5, 2021 Bulletin

-Tony's friend Brian has passed away Tuesday evening.

-Joel’s friend Chris is battling with pinched nerves and slipped discs in his neck.

-Ruby asks for prayer for her daughter Claudia, she was diagnosed with Lymes Disease.

-Les and Madge Wolgemuth’s son Doyle has been fighting Covid. He was doing better, but then worsened and was brought back to the hospital.

-Bev is home recovering after the surgery to remove the infection. Prayers for a quick recovery.

-Tho and Notsen have returned home for about a month.

-Ruby and Dick will be making a move into a facility the end of Sept. Prayers for comfort in this time of grief.

-Fran is having pain from a compression fracture, also pain in the throat from radiation.

-Prayers for Joel's grandfather Warren as he is not doing well.

-Tony B has been ill and is having more testing done, also recovering from multiple stings from disturbing a yellow jacket nest.

-Chris has been having nerve pain. Will be starting aquatic therapy.

-Oren's Uncle, Ira, is 104 years old and upset his lawnmower and broke his leg. Prayers for healing.

-Barb's friend Portia and Phil are not doing well, need prayers for healing and comfort.

-Continue to pray God will provide a Youth Ministry Coordinator

-Pray as we plan for fall ministries.


-Ruby’s brother’s testing is negative, and he is doing well.

-Ron and Fern Keener’s son and daughter in law are home and recovering well from Covid.

-Ruby’s brother’s testing is negative, and he is doing well.

-Bev has received word that she does not need chemotherapy and can begin returning to her normal activity.

-The technology to stay in touch in so many ways.

-Salvation and hope for the future

-A Loving Father

-This body of believers


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Statistics from 8/29/2021

Offering - $6,622.06 General Fund

$720.00 Global Compassion

$100.00 Love Offering

Discovery Hour -36

Morning Worship Hour -57/2 Virtual

August Financial Report

$28,879.31    Income

$13,509.06     Expenses

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