Mount Pleasant BIC
September 26, 2021 Bulletin

-Helen H. will need to spend some time in rehab after recovering from Covid and being released from the hospital.

-Joel's Grandfather Warren's cancer has progressed and they are not sure he has much time remaining. Prayers for a peaceful passing when the time comes and comfort for the family.

-Prayers for Joe C. wife and mother in law as they mourn the loss of her father last spring and have not been able to see each other with the current nursing home visitation guidelines.

-Joel’s friend Chris is battling with pinched nerves and slipped discs in his neck.

-Ruby asks for prayer for her daughter Claudia, she was diagnosed with Lymes Disease.

-Les and Madge Wolgemuth’s son Doyle has been fighting Covid. He is home recovering at this time.

-Ruby and Dick will be making a move into a facility the middle of October. Prayers as they prepare for this move.

-Our prayers are with Fran as she battles this difficult time. Prayers for relief from pain and as she needs to make decisions going forward.

-Chris has been having nerve pain. Will be starting aquatic therapy.

-Oren's Uncle, Ira, is 104 years old and upset his lawnmower and broke his leg. Prayers for healing.

-Barb's friend Portia and Phil are not doing well, needing prayers for healing and comfort.

-Continue to pray God will provide a Youth Ministry Coordinator

-Pray as we plan for fall ministries.

September Weekly Prayers

Pray that God would become very real and personal to each of our youth and that the word of God would guard their hearts from the deception of the enemy.


-Using our technology to communicate with Spain!

-Helen H. has been released from the hospital

-Tho and Notsen had a safe trip returning to the states.

-Salvation and hope for the future

-A Loving Father

-This body of believers

Songs in this week's service

-I Will Trust in You

-When We Walk With the Lord

-I Give You My Heart

-At the Cross


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Statistics from 9/19/2021

Offering - $3,838.11 General Fund

Discovery Hour -49

Morning Worship Hour - 81/2 Virtual

August Financial Report

$28,879.31    Income

$13,509.06     Expenses

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