Mount Pleasant BIC
September 25, 2022 Bulletin

-Be in prayer for the friend of Lois P., Louise, who needs a living donor for a liver transplant.

-Keep Mr. Lamb in our prayers after his cardiac event.

-Praying for Tho N. as she is scheduled for a surgery next week.

-Prayers for Tony B. He has a bad sore on his foot that, if it does not begin healing, will require hospital care. 

-Keep Helen H. in prayer as she was admitted to the

hospital and is undergoing testing to figure out the heart difficulties she has

been having.

-Pray for Susan's Aunt, Mary Jane, who had a double

mastectomy. She has had some fluid buildup and is praying that she does not

need to go back on Chemo.

-Ruby B. would like us to keep Dick in prayer that he

continues to be able to walk.

-Praying for a friend of Dwight -James S., he is home

and walking. He’s doing well but gets tired very quickly.

-Prayers for extended family member of Susan's,

Tambra, who has been diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer.

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