Mount Pleasant BIC
April 2, 2023 Bulletin

-Please keep Ruth B. in prayer as she lost both her husband and sister in law this week.

-Keep Charlotte P. sister, Cindy, in prayer. She had a stroke this week.

-Please pray for Dwight and Susan's niece, Rebekah, after her boyfriend committed suicide.

-Keep Ron Ke. in prayer, he suffered a concussion from his fall.

-Keep Lois B. in prayer, she is recovering at home with physical therapy.

-Praying for peace and comfort for Phyllis’s friend Mike who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 

-Please keep Susan's cousin Dana in prayer as she is battling several medical problems at this time.

-Keep the Stauffer's friend Kiki in prayer as she found out that her cancer has returned in her liver and her lungs.

-Pray for Hailei, great-niece of Dwight for emotional struggles.

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Morning Worship Hour - Virtual