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    Please pray.

    Tino and Laffina would appreciate your prayers for sister and her family. They are stationed in Okinawa. Their son Jaden (14 yrs old) will be having surgery on his foot. Wednesday at 10 am (tonight, 7 pm our local time). Dion (dad/husband) was sent to the mainland Japan but will be able to come home Thursday. So Janelle will be alone with their son during surgery. They have a 6 year old daughter, Diona Faye. Please pray that they will feel God's presence and comfort, for a smooth surgery and healing. Thank you!
    1. Jaden's surgery went very well. His recovery time is 6-8 weeks. Thank you all for your prayers, it is very much appreciated. Praise God!
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    Place of Grace -October 1, 2022

    It's BOX-tober!

    It's that time again... Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes will be available for you to pick up tomorrow and fill. Collection date at Grace for 2022 will be Sunday, November 13th. It's a once-in-a-lifetime gift for children that has potential for eternal impact. Thanks for taking part!

    1. Please pray.

      Please pray for our former neighbors who now live in FL. Their home is directly in the path of the coming hurricane. They are planning to evacuate in the morning, if they can. Pray they may seek the Lord during this experience and that He would draw them to Himself. Thank you
      1. They stayed home and sent us a picture out their front door of water up to their front porch about 5 feet high (home is on stilts). Both their vehicles are under water, but they are safe. Thanks for praying. Keep praying that they might come to know the Lord... Dave & Lisa. Thanks!
    2. Please pray.

      Please be praying for a friend of our family, Delsi. She has needs both spiritually and physically. Thanks so much
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        Sunday, October 16th  •  11:30 am – 2:30 pm
        1. Prayers are needed for my brother-in-law, Dave. The stent that was placed back at the beginning of the year has fluid built up around it and may be septic.
          1. So sorry to hear this. Please keep us posted.
          2. Dave is going in for surgery today. He does have a staff infection but it hasn't turned into sepsis at this point.
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          Place of Grace -September 24, 2022

          Grace Chili -Cook-Off

          Save the date for the 2nd annual Trail Life Chili-Cook-off fundraiser for the whole church to attend. Prepare your best batch of chili and bring in in October 9th at 5:00-8:00p.m. for a church-wide potluck and night of fun. Please sign up if you are willing to make chili and/or for sides to go with it and. There will be outdoor games, smores, and more.