• Please pray.

    Martha wanted me to thank everyone for their prayers for Charlie, he passed away this morning. Prayers for comfort for family and friends and that they see Jesus during this time.
    1. Please pray.

      As you know last weekend was the Revival for the ladies at West Central several were saved💕. However, the devil is not happy with the weekend and there is a lot of fighting and back biting going on. Please pray that the Holy Spirit reminds them of the weekend and the decisions they made and a hedge of protection is over that facility and God's continued work. Thank you
      1. Please pray for co-workers 25 y.o. grandson Cardino. Lives in FL was on go cart hit someone who didn't have lights on. Prayers are for quick recovery and no long term issues. Thanks.
        1. Drilling sticks tomorrow morning 9 am
          1. published a bulletin

            ReadBible Baptist Church Marysville
            Revelation 18: The Millstone
          2. Thank you for the prayers for my sister. She's not 100% out of the woods but they have pin pointed what is causing her issues and the treatment she will be having. It could be a lot worse. We are thanking God for this.
            1. Tuesday night (Murphy) Bible Study has been canceled.
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                Please pray.

                Beth Sommers home from a minor surgery this morning, doing well, keep her in your prayers.
                1. Amazing letter from the last west central revival
                  1. Bless all those women who are in west central and may they all find the love and have faith in Jesus.