• Welcome to Bible Baptist Church! We are so glad that you have chosen to join us. We are a local Baptist church that loves God and seeks to glorify Him in all we do. We seek to help others to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We want to help you serve Christ and others using your talents, abilities, and gifts. We strive to help each other to grow in the grace of Christ.
  • Wednesday night Prayer Service is cancelled! Please be safe during the arrival of Hurricane Ian to our area the next couple days.
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      Sunday, September 11th  •  5–7 pm (EDT)
        1. If this is your church……I’d like to one day come and visit and hopefully make it my home. Thank you and God bless
        2. I am the pastor and we would love for you to come. We are independent Baptist but we do not hold to the KJV only stance. We do teach and preach from the KJV however, that is not the only translation we use at times.
        3. Perhaps one Sunday I shall……but I’m a stickler for the KJV and I don’t think I could deviate. Thank you nonetheless for your hospitality
      1. Join us tomorrow @ 9:30 & 10:30 for Sunday school and Worship.
        1. Merry Christmas BBC family and friends!
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            Hope in the Advent!

            Join us as we celebrate Advent. We will be looking at Hope this year and the faithfulness of God.
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              Pie Social!

              Join us Nov. 24th for our annual pie social. Bring your favorite pie to share with everyone. It will be a wonderful night of prayer, praises to God, fellowship, and great food. We start at 7:00 PM.
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                Doxologies of Scripture

                A new sermon series started last week but you can still join us as each week. Each sermon is independent of the others. We are looking at songs of praise in Scripture to prepare us for the Thanksgiving holiday and just help us to be more thankful. Join us! Sundays @ 10:30 am.
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                  Join us! AWANA starts Nov 7th @ 5:00 PM. Come and learn how to live a upstanding and character filled life. Each night will be time for games, small group time, and Bible Study. It is not too late! The pace of the club is based on the individual so you can join at any time. We will be glad to have you.