Bethel Evangelical Free Church
Bulletin for January 2, 2022

Thanks for joining us today! If you are visiting with us, we have a special gift for you. Stop by the sound booth in the back for your gift. Please fill out a visitor information card so we may have a record of your visit. You may place the completed card in the offering box in the lobby. We will not put your on any mailing list, but we will send you a sincere "thank you" for attending. We hope your visit with us is enjoyable and meaningful!

Offering Boxes

We have not been placing offering plates, but have placed an offering box on the table at the entrance to the sanctuary. Thanks for faithfully honoring God with your tithes and offerings.

Let's Stay Healthy

We would encourage you to wear a mask until you are seated for the service. Once you are seated, you may remove it until the service is over.


On the first Sunday of the month, we celebrate our great salvation by taking communion together. This is a chance for us to remember the body and blood of Jesus. We eat a piece of bread to remember the body of Jesus that was broken, and we drink a small cup of juice to remember the blood of Jesus that was shed for us. If your faith is in Christ and your heart is pure, we invite you to join with us in this great celebration.

Giving Envelopes

We have placed new giving envelopes for 2022 in your mailbox in the south hallway. Please do not use old giving envelopes from previous years, as your giving number has changed for this year. If you have old unused envelopes, you may turn them into the church office, as they can be used by the tellers for other purposes. If you did not receive giving envelopes for 2022 but would like a set, please let Pastor Dean know and he will provide you with a set.

Can You Help Us?

We are grateful for all the help we had setting up the decorations for Christmas this year. But what goes up must come down. We will be meeting on Tuesday morning at 9:30 to take down all the decorations and put them away until next December. Many hands make light work, so if you could help us, it would greatly appreciated. Just show up Tuesday and we'll put you to work.

New Year's Resolution

A good goal to set for the year is to read through God's Word in 2022. Sometimes we "nibble" on God's Word, reading a few verses here and there, instead of "feasting" on God's Word. Scripture tells us that God's Word is like milk, meat, bread, and it is even sweeter than honey! If you would an aid to help your reading through God's Word, there are some schedule/checklist sheets available at the back of the sanctuary to help you get through all of God's Word. All it takes is reading 3 chapters a day, you can read the whole Bible in a year!

Check You Mailboxes

Before you leave today, be sure to check your mailboxes in the south hallway for any Christmas cards, Our Daily Bread booklets, or other info that may be there. It's easy to forget to check your mailboxes on the way out of church, so make a special point todo that today.

Third Sunday Offering

Normally, we take an extra offering on the third Sunday of the month for our Deacon's Fund, but this month we are doing something a little bit different. This month we are going to use that extra offering to help support the efforts of reaching Jews with the message of the gospel. Scripture says we should take the gospel to the Jews first, so we are going to use the extra offering on January 16th to help Chosen People Ministries in their efforts of Jewish evangelism. You may remember a few years ago Rich Flashman was with us, and he shared with us about this ministry to the Jews. Please pray about what part you may have in this special offering.

Just for Fun

A little boy refused to eat his prunes, so his mom told him that God was angry and sent him to bed. That night a violent thunderstorm broke out, and the lightning and thunder was so intense that the mom went to check on the boy. Upon opening the door she saw him at the window muttering, "Such a fuss over a few prunes!"