• Virtually all translations I can find speak of being "pleasing to (or worthy of) the Lord" in verse 10. Here in the commentary I see the author say, "Notice the emphasis on that which is 'pleasing (areskeia, found only here in the NT) to all' (v. 10)." Is "all" intended to refer to all the Colossian community? I see the application given the culture and situation in Colossi, but I'm having trouble rendering Paul's words in this fashion. I was just wondering how Witherington's translation is justified. Witherington, B., III. (2007). The letters to Philemon, the Colossians, and the Ephesians : a socio-rhetorical commentary on the captivity Epistles (p. 124). Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
    1. Can anyone define how the author is using the word "nettle", in the this statement? "Paul’s concern in Colossians is with Christians who have not grasped the christological nettle and are not holding onto the head in both faith and praxis." ?
      1. There is a 'right way' to pick a nettle which is with force to break off the needle sharp spines on the leaves which inject into the skin allergenic compounds which cause irritation. A 'soft' grasp (incorrect method) results in a wheal in the skin. So to grasp the nettle is to take something to oneself completely with a sense of force appropriating it entirely even though it has the potential to cause damage.
    2. When do you think you will have your John Commentary (Gospel) and your Revelation commentary in electronic form?
      1. Hi Dr. Witherington III! I just finished a PhD class at SBTS where Dr. York required your socio-rhetorical commentary on for 1 Corinthians. I was quite blessed by your material. I have now purchased the rest of the series. Thank you for your contribution to the body of Christ. - John Fallahee
        1. Congratulations!! What is the area of your studies?
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        Hello everyone...I just began a type of scavenger homework assignment tonight for Seminary and one of the questions being asked is "What are those called who are searching for the Historical Jesus?" I just started looking but wondered if "Questors" is the answer or maybe even "Reconstructionists".  What would your answer be and is the term widely used and well known please?  Blessings and thanks  (I will reply to my post if I discover a better more accurate answer.)
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          Have you ever considered taking on N. T. Wright's assessment of Romans 11:25ff point for point. I would love to hear your response to his interpretation. Where are its weaknesses, its strengths? What are the unknowns? For instance, I read both your commentaries and both of you go into detail about how "kai houtos" is either timing (you) or manner (Wright). You make a strong case with references and so does he. Wright adds something strong when he says "the Greek houtos simply does not bear this sense" as to timing, saying also it "never comes close to meaning this." He then follows this up with a slew of biblical references to make his point, even noting that houtos is never used in a temporal fashion in its other references within Romans. But you go into detail as well as to the fact that kai houtos can be used in a temporal fashion, noting extra biblical sources. But then you show a few biblical passages that, in fact, show that kai houtos can be used as a temporal phrase! This is where readers like myself get confused :) Both of you make very good arguments and they have the power to win the readers mind, but both of you cannot be right in the end. I'm OK with a passage remaining unclear but both of you take very strong positions on your stances. Wright even admits that he once held your view until later exegesis of the overall theme of the "one family" made out of both Jews and Gentiles became the interpretive grid of this passage for him and changed him to his present position. Curious.
          1. Should this be James and John instead of Jacob and John?
            1. Should this be James and John instead of Jacob and John?
              1. Our Church just repainted our steeple and chose to save money by thinning the paint. Now the rain came and all the paint washed off. What should we do? -- Andy Rambo