Church Bulletin
Sunday, December 12, 2021
Morning Worship 10:00am

Pastor Ken Boonstra

Advent: What Child Is This?



The Candle of Joy: “Light One Candle for Joy”

* Call to Worship

* God’s Greeting

* Advent Waiting: “Joy Has Dawned”

“Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery” 

He Came to Save A People Seeking Joy

Prayer of Confession 


Song of Response: “Arise, Shine for Your Light Has Come” 

Special Music: “Away In A Manger” Bell Choir

“Away In A Manger” PH 348: 1-3

Offering Our Prayers

Congregational Prayer (Yuanita)

Offerings for General Fund can be placed in the baskets 

on your way out (or mailed).

Hearing God’s Word

* Song of Preparation: “Of the Father’s Love Begotten” 342: 1,2,3

* Scripture: John 1:1-18 (HC Q & A 33-34)

Message: “Only Begotten, Lord”


* Song of Response: “Emmanuel”


* Benediction

* Doxology: “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” 345:1-2

* Postlude

Pianist: Sue Meenderinck & Joan Vander Haak

Brass: Mike De Young, Les Mulder, David Vos, Elaine Vos

Candlelighter: Sam Hiemstra; Reader: Dennis Bosman

Our Church Family


• Our college students as they prepare for semester exams and traveling home.  

• Pray for all the people who are affected by the flooding and all those helping to assist with cleaning and rebuilding.

• Members to pray for: Keith and Pam Korthuis, Alvin and Sherry Vos, Marv and Karen Apol, Dennis and Annette Bosman.


GEMS CHRISTMAS PARTY: Our GEMS Christmas party will be tomorrow at 7 p.m. Wear your cozy Christmas clothes! Our next meeting will be January 10. 

TUESDAY MORNING LADIES: We plan to celebrate Jesus’ birth with a brunch at the home of Bernace Korthuis, this Tuesday, December 14 at 10 a.m. We will resume Bible study on January 11. 

CANDLELIGHT SERVICE/FELLOWSHIP TIME: Please join us next Sunday at 5 p.m. for our candlelight service. We will have a fellowship time and share appetizers and goodies at 4 p.m. in the basement prior to the service. 

FAITH PROMISE: With the coming of the new year, it is time once again to give our pledges for Faith Promise. Your pledge card is in your church mailbox. Please return it the offering baskets in the narthex or mail them to the church office by Sunday, January 2. Thank you for your faithful giving! 

BUDGET ENVELOPES are in your mailboxes today. 

PLEASE TURN IN key(s) from the SHINE or Quilt houses to Alvin Vos or the church office. Thank you. 

THANK YOU: With gratitude to God for the generosity of His people, the deacons are thankful for the Thanksgiving offerings totaling $13,730 and $10,485 for the SHINE house repair. May God use these gifts for His glory! 

PLEASE REMEMBER the missionaries we support!


• Classis met with representatives of World Renew on December 2. World Renew’s restoration work typically occurs six months to a year after a natural disaster occurs. Their work is primarily focused on households that lack resources and have fallen through the cracks of the insurance and government assistance. The representatives were very complimentary of the work of our local churches and community. They said, “You didn’t wait—you did something.” It is anticipated that World Renew will participate in the restoration work in Whatcom County and southern B.C.

• Each church shared the needs of families in their congregations. Sumas CRC experienced the most damage—both to the church, parsonage and members’ homes. Classis discussed how we can support them financially and with work parties. Opportunities for offerings and work parties will be shared with the churches and coordinated by Classis. 


• The Admin team reviewed and celebrated the rapid transformation of the SHINE and Quilt houses into homes for displaced families! What a blessing to see the generosity of Bethel members who gave time, materials, and gifts. Thanks to everyone who helped. A special thank you to SHINE members and the quilting ladies. The children’s gift bags and beautiful quilts were greatly appreciated by the families. 

• Parish Nursing—We are blessed to have Dolores Bosman, Marilyn Haak and Kerri Meenderinck as our parish nurses. They provide a critical link to Bethel members unable to attend worship and/or those who need special equipment or advocacy work. Since the beginning of Covid these ladies, along with Carol De Young and Norene Van Andel, have delivered weekly bulletin packets to our shut-ins. Thank you ladies! 

• The Admin Team finalized a Council proposal for lighting and acoustic enhancements to the narthex.  

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