Church Bulletin
Sunday, January 22, 2023

Pastor Bryan Dick

Gathering to Worship


Call to Worship

* Song of Response: “There Is A Higher Throne” (Getty)

* God’s Greeting

* Time of Praise   “Lord of Life Whose Hand Has Made Us” 

(tune of “I Will Sing of My Redeemer”)

Life in Christ

Psalm 139 (adapted) (Grades 3-8)

Sunday School Children: “He Knows My Name” (K-8)

Litany (from Our World Belongs to God) and Prayer

Song of Response: “Life is a Gift from God” 

Offering Our Prayer and Gifts

Congregational Prayer

Offertory—Offering received for World Renew DRS

Children are invited forward for a Children’s Message as the 

deacons come to present the offerings

The Word of God

Children’s Message

* Song of Preparation: “O Jesus, I Have Promised” PH 285: 1,3,4”

Scripture: Judges 16: 4-22 (p. 254)

Message: God’s Promises to a Weak Man


* Song of Response: “His Mercy is More”


* Benediction

* Doxology: “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow” PH 638

* Postlude

Pianist: Sue Meenderinck

Praise Team: Carissa Hiemstra, Doug Van Andel, Kelly De Jong

PRAY for Anna Roorda who was moved to the rehab section of CHCC this week so that she can gain strength.

TODAY’S SERVICE reflects on Sanctity of Life.  

IN APPRECIATION for the generous giving to the Faith Promise Fund, the deacons report a balance to $12,446, which is being distributed to all the Faith Promise entities on a percentage basis. To God be the Glory!!!

FINANCIAL INFORMATION: Please pick up the second quarter financial report and your 2022 giving summary in your church mailbox today.