Bethlehem Church of Christ (Winchester, OH)
September 26th, 2021

Luke 5:31-32ESV

Order of Worship

(Note: Your offering to God can be placed in the container as you enter the back of the worship center)


Welcome & Prayer

Who You Say I Am  

Great Are You, Lord

Here’s My Heart

Holy Spirit

Personal prayer and reflection time as you use the communion packet you picked up in the foyer upon entering.

Message                                  Christian Martin

Change My Heart, Oh God


Reminders & prayer


We are pleased you have chosen to share praise, fellowship, and learning with us today.

Today is “Family Sunday”, so we welcome our youth to the auditorium. Youth pages are available in the foyer.

Also Today

6:00 - Prayer & praise in the auditorium.    

6:15 - 1. Youth programming:  

       J.U.M.P.- Room 27 (FLC)  

       TeamKid - Room 22 (FLC) 

       J.A.M. - Room 25 (FLC) 

       Middle & High School (The Loft)

     2. Adult’s: evening class:

        Don’t Give Up ! A video and personal 

        stories led by Kyle Idleman from 

        Hebrews 11 & 12, followed by 

        discussion. (today - Oct. 24)

This Week

Mon. - Sat. - Brown County Fair. To help support our young people at the fair, a list has been compiled with the names, events,& schedules that were given to us. You can pick up a copy in the foyer.

Let Us Know!

Please fill out a small paper in the foyer letting us know how you brought joy and blessing to someone’s journey this past week. No names please.

Six Reasons for Each Person to Participate and Serve at Bethlehem
  1. To show gratitude for God’s grace shown to us.
  2. To use in a positive way the abilities God has given us.
  3. To thank others who are serving.
  4. To strengthen the Body of Christ.
  5. To set a positive example for others.
  6. To help us accomplish our mission.

 9:30 am - Connie Scott

10:30 am - Nathan & Jessica Cornette


Cleaning this week: Clifton Family

Logan Family/Tom Eiterman

Let us get to know you!

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