Bethlehem Church of Christ (Winchester, OH)
October 3rd, 2021

Jude 3ESV

(Note: Your offering to God can be placed in the container as you enter the back of the worship center)

Welcome & Prayer

Standing on the Promises             687

Glorify Thy Name                     4

Here I Am to Worship

In Christ Alone

Personal prayer & reflection time as you use the communion packet you picked up  in the foyer upon entering.

Be a blessing

Prayer for October marriages

Message                Tom Claibourne

Living for Jesus                     496


Reminders & prayer 

Let us know how you did at last week’s Brown County Fair by signing the paper in the foyer.

1. To show gratitude for God’s grace shown to us.

2. To use in a positive way the abilities God has given us.

3. To thank others who are serving.

4. To strengthen the Body of Christ.

5. To set a positive example for others.

6. To help us accomplish our mission.

Caleb & Lauren Holton on the birth of Willa Joyce Sept. 18, 8 lbs.; 19.5 inches. Proud grandparents Jim & Carolyn Clifton & Mark & Shelia Holton.

Nursery next Sunday:

 9:30 am - Kristen Souder

10:30 am - Taryn Manning & Laynee Davis


Cleaning this week: Floyd,& Anne M. & Lisa B./

Debbie E., Debbie F., & Morgan Van Winkle/

Aaron Truesdell Family


Mowing this week: Sam Young

                      Next: James Clifton