Bethlehem Church of Christ (Winchester, OH)

Galatians 2:20ESV

I Peter 4:16ESV

(Note: Your offering to God can be placed in the container as you enter the back of the worship center)


The Lion & The Lamb


Yes I Will


Build My Life


Lord, I Need You

Personal prayer & reflection time as you use the communion packet you picked up  in the foyer upon entering.


Prayer for November marriages


Message                               Tom Claibourne

Trust & Obey                                            437


Reminders & prayer

We are pleased you have chosen to worship God with us today, and to encourage others by your presence.

6:00 - Prayer & praise in the auditorium.      


6:15 - 1. Youth programming: 

                J.U.M.P.- Room 27 (FLC) 

                TeamKid - Room 22 (FLC)

                J.A.M. - Room 25 (FLC)

                Middle & High School (The Loft)


          2 . Adult evening class: “Satan’s Lies &

               God’s Answers”. Come be equipped to

              respond to some of the prevalent lies in

               our culture.

Tuesday. - Volleyball, 7 pm

Wednesday. - Leadership meeting, 7:00 pm

Thursday. - Christian preaching at KCU

Saturday - Leadership Retreat, 4:00 - 8:00 pm


Nov.14  — First or Second Commandment?

Nov. 21 — Grateful or Entitled?

Dec. 5  — Serving or Being Served?

Dec. 12 — Holiday or Hollowday?

See the display in the foyer. We can share the Good News of Jesus Christ by filling a shoebox for a child. Pick up a shoebox with labels & fill with gifts. Return boxes to church by Nov. 21st. 


See Danielle & Miriam Truesdell, or visit website for more information.

Do you have questions about Jesus, your relationship with Him, salvation, baptism, or other important matters? Our ministers or elders would be happy to discuss these at your convenience.

Let one of us know after our services & we will arrange a time, or even talk right then.



1. For their protection, faith, courage and strength.

2. For their families.

3. For God to soften the heart of a guard or captor.

4. For God to convert some enemies of the gospel through the witness of the      Christians.

5. For God to multiply and spread His people in those nations.

6. For accurate news to filter out concerning actual conditions.

7. For governments that value freedom to work against persecution.

8. For God’s help in personally being faithful and compassionate.

9. For God to send forth workers into His harvest fields, including us. (Matt. 9:37,38)

Nursery next Sunday:

10:30 am - Josh & Kristen Souder


Cleaning this week:

Rob Davis Family/Basford Family

Duane & Connie Scott