Bethlehem Church of Christ (Winchester, OH)

Rev. 21:3-4ESV

We hope you are having a meaningful weekend reflecting on God’s blessings in your life, and have come to thank Him with your worship.

Tuesday - Volleyball, 7:00 pm

Wednesday -

1. Office Ministry, 3:00 pm

2. Bible Reading Classes, 7:00 pm

Dec. 5  — Serving or Being Served?

Dec. 12 — Holiday or Hollowday?

Thanks to all who made this important mission a success, through your generosity we were able to fill 40 boxes. Special thanks to Danielle & Miriam Truesdell for overseeing this important mission.

Show your love and support for our missionaries by signing the cards in the foyer.

A new stage door was recently installed. At the moment it is not closing as well as it should, so if you go out that door, please make sure it latches properly.

Our Sunday morning sermons are Bible-based and very important, but make sure you don’t miss the opportunities to dig deeper in the Bible through our Bible reading programs, our Sunday morning Bible classes (9:30 am), and our evening programming.

There are some notecards and creative  teaching materials available in the library for teaching kids of all ages about the Books of the Bible, Greek / Hebrew words, Early Church / Church History Heroes, and much more ! These can be used by parents at home, or teachers in classes here. See Christian for more information.

If you know a family that needs help with gifts or food for Christmas, please let Geraldine Naylor or the office know soon. See the wreath display in the foyer. Cash donations are also accepted toward larger gifts or food items. 

Genuine gratitude has been shown to have several positive results in people’s lives:

1. Better, deeper, and more relationships

2. Increased physical health

3. Decreased aggression

4. Increased empathy and peace of mind

5. Improved sleep

6. More energy

7. Increased ability to overcome trauma

8. Greater overall sense of well-being and confidence

9. Greater mental strength

Nursery Next Sunday:

10:30 am - Lauren Holton & Kirsten Campbell

Cleaning this week:

Clifton Family

Claibourne Family

Tom Eiterman