• This material has been a standard text for beginning students of word study. The material is excellent. Unfortunately, the interface with Logos is not a good one. You can type in a word and it will only give you either the OT or the NT occurrences. You must be diligent to do some old school scrolling to find both OT & NT occurrences. Logos IT is aware of the problem, but no fix is planned.
    1. I agree that the interface needs work. e.g. If typing in the word "pride", a drop-down box occurs with 3 occurrences of the word "pride", but without any indication of whether the entry is for the old or the new testament. Selecting the 1st occurrence takes you to OT references for "pride". Selecting the 2nd occurrence takes you to NT references for "boasting". Selecting the 3rd occurrence takes you to NT references for "pride". But you can't tell any of that from the drop-down list. And once you select one of the three entries, you have to retype the word "pride" to get all 3 occurrences to show up again in the drop-down list. So it is usable but not user-friendly.