• Please pray. My mom RuthAnn is going to Mercy hospital in Springfield for possible blood clots or infection in her lungs and extremely low pulse ox
    1. 2 weeks left to get registered for kids camp!!! Message me if your kiddo is wanting to go!
      1. Debbie Chapman is requesting specific prayer today (5/12/23). She has been up all night with the same symptoms that sent her to the ER last week with an abscessed intestine. She is counting on BFA’s prayers keeping her from having to return to the ER! Please pray for this struggling sweet lady!
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          We are so excited to bless our community!🧴 Thank you so much to all who helped us reach our goal! Be watching for Miss Tina's new do!💚
          1. Please pray.

            Lloyd Atkinson taken by ambulance CMH ER he vomited and became weak and started turning blue.
            1. Could anyone use a perfectly good white toilet? Please call 417-599-9958. Free for the taking.
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                🧴🧴🧴🧴46!!!!!🟩🟩🟩🟩 We have collected 46 bottles of shampoo/conditioner. Our goal is 100 and our deadline is this WEDNESDAY (4/26)!!! Please help us if you can. If we meet our goal, Miss Tina's hair will turn GREEN!!!
                1. If you are wanting to send your kiddo to kids camp this year, we will have a meeting on May 3rd at 6pm in the fellowship hall!
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                    Thanks to all who have donated! We still need 86 more bottles!! Can you help us?
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                      REMINDER!!! Registration forms are due TONIGHT!!