• I thought Wordsearch was good. The organization and function of Logos 9 Gold is confusing at first but once Logos is figured out, it is much much better than Wordsearch.
    1. Exactly. I'm finding the guides in Logos to be far superior to any search feature I was ever able to use in WordSearch.
    2. Odd; searches in Wordsearch are fast and accurate yet doing the same on Logos gives odd, meaningless drivel. I admit I'm struggling getting my head around Logos having used Libronix/Quickverse/Wordsearch and Pradis for so many years but simple things are not simple anymore. Double click a word in Libronix (predecessor to Logos) gives a dictionary meaning but not in Logos. Emails to support are ignored; never had a single reply. I guess that's what happens when a moral less secular Company takes over a Christian one.
    3. Forgot to mention that any correspondence with Logos representatives (except Brandon Compton and Ryan (from Wordsearch) has been aggressive and threatening. If I use the Libronix software I purchased used via Amazon Marketplace and if they find I am, my Logos account will be cancelled and closed with a loss/removal of everything I have purchased directly from Logos. Unsure the legality there considering I have spent quite a lot of money on various packages. Just shows how dishonest the Company is and why I will not purchase anything ever again off them as it is not worth the risk.