• My phone inserts letters sometimes that are not related, so please pardon odd letter words that may show up. That said, Jerrel, Annette and I woll keep Matt's father in prayer and prayers for Lucinda as well. So sorry to hear about your father Lucinda. Prayers go out for Carol Rampey too.
    1. Thank you, Steve. At the moment, we are doing well.
  • We had about half the number we had last week this morning. We will NOT be meeting at 5:00. Next meeting on Wednesday at 7:00 to make gifts for our shut ins.
    1. Thank cnn you all for your prayers and Love O Grams. I am over Covid but am now fughting a secondary lung infection. Taking antibiotics now. I plan to return next week to have service with my brothers and susters. I miss you all! God bless, in Jesus name.
      1. Miss you too, Steve!
    2. Daniel Lambillotte, youngest son of Russell and Pam suffered a heart attack yesterday and has been waiting at St. Francis all day for tests to determine whether there is blockage. He was scheduled to begin the Heart Cath at 9pm tonight. Please say a prayer that the test time holds and that a stint can be put in tonight, if that will help him.
      1. From Pam: Dr just called and they put in two stints. There were a couple of other small blockages but they shouldn’t cause him any problems. Everything went well.
    3. Dad tells me that mom is drinking water like crazy and is coughing. I worry that she may have Covid. Those are the same symptoms that I had. Pray for my parents.
      1. Oh, Steve...I will pray that is not the case but will also remind both of us that God is in control.
      2. Praying
    4. Thank you for the Love O'Gram. Thank you for your prayers. Still have a nagging dry cough. Once that disappears, I have to wait 24 hours before I can retest for the CV. God bless everyone at Carbondale.
      1. Glad that your doing better Steve hope to see you again soon.
    5. announced an event

      Monday, November 30th  •  6:30–7:30 pm
      Carbondale Church of Christ
      3114 West 51st Street, Tulsa, OK, 74107
      1. I just heard from Jerrel and he said Steve is getting stronger AND he and Annette are staying healthy too. God has answered many,many prayers !
        1.  — Edited

          We are grateful to God that Sue Hart’s procedure went well and she is back in her room. Also, we understand that Darrin Carpenter has improved some but his wife (and Carlene’s daughter) Stephanie is struggling.
          1. Bob and Deanne were not able to be with us yesterday and when we checked on them, they said they got flu shots and had some symptoms afterward that worried them, so they stayed home yesterday. They decided to test for covid today but won't know the result for several days. It was recommended that they quarantine for two weeks just in case. Not what they had hoped...please hold them up in prayer as well.