Chewelah Baptist Church
August 2, 2020

Glory to His Name

1) Down at the cross where my Savior died,

Down where for cleansing from sin I cried,

There to my heart was the blood applied;

Glory to His name!


Glory to His name,

Glory to His name;

There to my heart was the blood applied;

Glory to His name!

2) I am so wondrously saved from sin,

Jesus so sweetly abides within,

There at the cross where He took me in;

Glory to His name! (Refrain)

3) O precious fountain that saves from sin,

I am so glad I have entered in;

There Jesus saves me and keeps me clean;

Glory to His name! (Refrain)



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Christ Receiveth Sinful Men

1) Sinners Jesus will receive: 

Sound this word of grace to all 

Who the heav'nly pathway leave, 

All who linger, all who fall.


Sing it o'er (Sing it o'er again) 

and o'er again:(Sing it o'er again:)

Christ receiveth (Christ receiveth sinful men) 

sinful men. (Christ receiveth sinful men) 

Make the message (Make the message clear and plain) 

clear and plain: (Make the message clear and plain)

Christ receiveth sinful men.

2) Come, and He will give you rest; 

Trust Him, for His word is plain; 

He will take the sinfulest; 

Christ receiveth sinful men. [Chorus] 

3) Christ receiveth sinful men, 

Even me with all my sin; 

Purged from ev’ry spot and stain, 

Heav’n with Him I enter in. [Chorus]

Sermon Notes

Receiving One Another Romans 15:7-12

 I. Jesus Came to Receive Us – Romans 15:7  

receive = to receive kindly or hospitably, admit to one’s society and friendship, treat with kindness (Mounce’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old & New Testament Words, 1258)

II. Jesus Came as a Minister – Romans 15:8–9a 

minister = a helper… for the circumcision, for the Jews (A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian, 184)

confirm = prove the promises reliable, fulfill (them) (A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, 138)

mercy = compassion, active pity, “especially the mercy shown by God in Christ to men” (A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian, 250)

III. Jesus Came For All Mankind

Romans 15:9b …(Psalm 18:49)

Romans 15:10 …(Deuteronomy 32:43)

Romans 15:11 …(Psalm 117:1)

Romans 15:12 …(Isaiah 11:10)

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