• Back from vacation...countdown to Student Camp (gr 6-12) - August 8-12..Spent Friday and Saturday in Florence attending the Oregon Mission Coalition Replant/Revitialize Conf..EXCELLENT!!!!!! Plan on attending next years event now - SAVE THIS DATE: JULY 28-29, 2023
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      Vacation Update: The weekend was amazing. Saturday we all went to Washington DC where Meg hosted all of us - Cindy, myself, Josh, Kalaya. Sandra and Elizabeth. We attended Waterfront Church -where my daughter is a member - and worshiped with those gathered in the last of three services. Then, because my daughter Workd for the National Association of Broadcasters we were given access to their suite at the Nationals ball park and we watched the Nationals defeat the Braves! This morning we had a wonderful drive back to Josh and Kalaya’s. We fly home on Wednesday and then drive from Portland to Winston on Thursday! See you soon!
      1. VACATION SUMMARY Cindy and I are thoroughly enjoying the time we are able to spend with our son, his wife and our two grandchildren (Sandra, 6 yrs old; Elizabeth, 3 yrs old). This weekend we will be in DC with our daughter as well as our son, daughter-in-law, and Megan. Thanks you for the generosity you continue to display to our family - first, by making available the time off; and second, by showering us with your gifts before we left. We are already anticipating being home - we should arrive sometime Thursday, July 21 and I’ll be back in the study on July 22 preparing for WORSHIP on July 24. Remember - during July we are only gathering for WORSHIP on Sunday’s at 11:00am. Look for more information about some new opportunities beginning in August and September!
        1. WEEKLY PRAYER LIST MONDAY - FAMILY & PERSONAL NEEDS: Pray for your spouse - Pray for your children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren Pray for other family members Pray for your own needs: Pray for wisdom to navigate the demands of the week Pray for insight into God's Word Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with those apart from Christ TUESDAY - COMMUNITY/LOCAL/STATE/FEDERAL LEADERS: Pray for Pres Joe Biden, Vice Pres Kamala Harris; Pray for Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley (senators representing OR) Pray for Gov Kate Brown Pray for County Commissioners: Tim Freeman; Chris Boice; Tom Pray for City Leaders: Winston Mayor - Winston City Councilors: Mark Bauer - Winston City Manager; Brandon sarti - Winston Police Chief Kim - WDSD Superintendent WEDNESDAY: Kingdom Advancement Pray for Tim & Iracema Kunkel - Santiago Chile Pray for Steven Kunkel - Japan Pray for ... other missionaries you might know THURSDAY:Pray for Community Baptist Church Pray for Pastor Steve & Cindy Pray for our deacons/wives: Mac & Marilyn McAllister Bob & Christa Shigley (Christa - recovering from double knee replacement - 6/27/22) Gary and Marie Worthington - Gary has a CT scan on 6/28/22 and gets the results on 6/30/22 Steve & Denise Scott - Steve is waiting for a surgery date to repain an aortic anyeurism Jerry & Phyllis Dillon FRIDAY: Pray for the lost Pray - by name - for those you know who are far from God SATURDAY: Pray for Sunday's services SUNDAY: Pray that God will be Glorified Pray for other churches in our community Pray for pastors/worship leaders to magnify the name of Jesus!
          1. Sunday, May 22, 2022 an independent firm, Guidepost Solutions, a leader in domestic and international investigations, compliance solutions, monitoring, and security and technology consulting, released a 300 + page report detailing the efforts by Southern Baptist leaders to silence credible reports of sexual abuse carried out by pastors, and other leaders in SBC churches. Here is a link to the report:www.sataskforce.net. I encourage you to read at least the Executive Summary section. I am grieved by the actions of some who I trusted. Instead of falling to their face in repentance and prayer, many of those leaders labeled anyone who made an allegation against a pastor or ministry leader as demonic, tools of Satan, distractions and so on. As a result of the report, we now know that the Executive Committee, charged with overseeing day to day operations of the Southern Baptist Convention, had a list of known sex offenders who were serving in Southern Baptist Churches across the country. Instead of sharing this list, or even making it available, they kept such a list private for incomprehensible reasons. The Executive Committee, made up of pastors, ministry leaders, and lay people from across the SBC voted today to make this list accessible. After 20 (and more) years of silencing accusers, labelling them as distractions, we are now learning how deep and wide the problem has been in our denomination. I am still reeling over the ramifications of the report. I pray that as the SBC meets this June in Anaheim, we as a body of believers, representing well oveer 45,000 churches in North America, will openly repent. I pray we will take clear and specific actions to insure that the truth - regardless of the cost to persons and institutions - will never again be hidden. I pray that as messengers we own our sin, repent of our sin, and make choices to insure - to the best of our ability - nothing like this ever occurs again.
            1. Random Thoughts It's been too long since I've tried to write for anything beyond my own journal. So, hopefully today I'll start what I hope to be regular posts - no specific theme, but just random thoughts. Wednesday, Feb 9, 2022 Being Present One observation - not original with me - and one I'm guilty of as well. Have you observed how people - in restaurants - often sit across from one another yet only seeing their phone? Maybe they are expecting a phone call, but it appears that scrolling through social media seems to have taken the place of pleasant conversation. Even at home - dinner is over, the TV is on, and yet people seem engrossed in their devises (phones, tablets, laptops). I have no cure (and I am really not quailfied to speak profoundly). However...what it you turned off your notifications for social media (email, Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, Telegram, and ....) for 30 minutes? I doubt the world would end - but then again, maybe I'm wrong! So, tonight - or the next time you are having coffee or a meal with your spouse, or a friend - focus on being present - ignoring the social media crying out for your attention, and pay attention to the people you actually are physically near.
              1. DECEMEBR 24, 2021 LUKE 24             As the women approach the tomb early Sunday morning, the stone had been moved. Angelic beings challenged them: ‘Why are you looking for the living among the dead?’ (vs 5).             Indeed, why do we continue to live and act as though Jesus has not changed everything about us? As Christmas celebrations begin, remember: His birth, His life all led up to the cross and the resurrection. Celebrate His birth. Don’t forget why He came – “repentance for the forgiveness of sins would be proclaimed in [My] name to all the nations….” (vs 47).
                1. DECEMBER 23, 2021 LUKE 23             Jesus finally is taken by the Jewish authorities to Pilate, the Roman governor. Only the Romans can authorize the death penalty. Jesus, before Pilate, stands silent, except to confirm Pilate’s question (see vs 3).             Sentenced to death, Jesus is beaten, and forced to carry part of the instrument of death to the place of execution. Placed upon the cross between two thieves, Jesus dies.             After His death Joseph, a member of the Sanhedrin who had acted to stop their illogical behavior, took the body of Jesus for burial. Some women began to prepare the body. Finally, at sundown (the beginning of Sabbath) the women leave the tomb. A rock is rolled in front of the tomb to insure that nothing happens to the body. Darkness falls. The disciples scatter. It’s eerily quiet.
                  1. December 18, 2021 Luke 18 “And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.” Luke 18:1 ESV             A missing ingredient in my prayer life is passion. I pray for my family, my church, my community and so on regularly. I pray with others and I pray for others. Somewhere along the path I seem to have misplaced my passion, my intensity. I know Jesus hears my prayers. I know God answers prayers.             I wonder though, am I really desperate for that which I pray? Am I willing to adjust to the status quo? Am I content to allow circumstances to stay the same?             The widow in Jesus’ account persists – even though the unjust judge’s character is to reject her pleas. We serve a God who is all-sufficient to do all and even beyond that we ask or even think. Let us become ‘passionate’ and ‘persistent’ as ask God for that which we need.             Christmas is one week away. Mary and Jospeh were persistent in finding Bethlehem. Once in Bethlehem Joseph refused to take ‘No room at the inn’ for an answer.