• Here are the items for Sunday, October 25 Business Meeting - immediately following morning worship: 1. Election of messengers to the Annual Meeting of the Northwest Baptist Convention, to be held electronically on Nov 10 from 6:30pm – 9:00pm. We are allowed 4 messengers:            1. Steve Schenewerk            2. Cindy Schenewerk            3.            4. 2. We have been invited to become a charter member of the Northwest Baptist Network, an organization of churches in south-central Oregon and northern California to partner together: Whereas the Southwest Oregon Baptist Association and the Siskiyou Baptist Association have agreed to work together under the new organization, The Northwest Baptist Network in order to work together for the purpose of furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.            The senior pastor is a member of the new organization. Each church is allowed one other voting member to serve on the Executive Council.            Who would we like to elect?            Our first meeting is Oct 26, 2020 6:30pm at Solid Rock Church, Grants Pass, OR 3. We have received a grant of $1000.00 to assist organizations of our choice in their efforts to support families and individuals after the wildfires of this past summer.            Pastor Steve recommends the following disbursements:                        $500.00 First Baptist Church, Phoenix, OR                        $250.00 Glide Baptist Church, Glide, OR                        $125.00 Salvation Army, Roseburg Branch                        $125.00 ??????? 4. Pastor Steve is recommending that the church consider changing banks from Umpqua Bank to Northwest Credit Union (which has a branch in Green).            Identify Check Signers:                        Marilyn McAllister                        Patt Gerharter                        Steve Scott                        ????
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      Here is the weekly prayer guide: Weekly Prayer Requests: October 21- 27, 2020 ADORATION: “I put my hope in You, Lord; You will answer, Lord my God.” (Psalm 38:15, HCSB)            Lord, You are our ONLY hope. We acknowledge our absolute dependence on You. CONFESSION “Lord, do not abandon me; my God, do not be far from me. Hurry to help me, Lord, my Savior.” (Psalm 38:21–22, HCSB)            Lord, we have sinned in word and deed. Please hurry to remind us of Your grace in forgiveness. THANKSGIVING “He said to them, “I watched Satan fall from heaven like a lightning flash. Look, I have given you the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy; nothing will ever harm you. However, don’t rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”” (Luke 10:18–20, HCSB)            Lord, we give thanks that our lives are securely in Your hands for now and all eternity. SUPPLICATION: NANCY MADSON – knee surgery, Oct 21 RAMONA PETERSON – knee surgery, Oct 21 GARY & MARIE: God's Love & Care for - Ronda, Mandy, Trey, Alec, Alicia & Scott. Also a job for Scott. JUDY: Judy's friend Sherl - her dad had an accident, was brain dead & passed away this past week. Jonah - for his anxiety & personal. Judy seeing a pain control doctor on Nov. 5th. HELEN: Chuck & Jeni - Salvation & A MAJOR life change. Thomas & family - stuff, stuff & more stuff. Richard West - diabetes & pain. Anita Good - Alzheimer's. My health - each day is a mystery just waiting to surprise me! More new medicine; story of my life these days. DONNA BAUDOUR: Salvation for - Larry, Amanda, Logan & Isabel, Melanie & Jameson Story. Marlene's pain ro get managed with her new unit. Bill's anxiety. McALLISTER – pray for friends Rick and Candy – both dealing with cancer AMBER HEMMILA – new job starting soon; Amber’s cousin, MD in Florida died of Covid-19; Pray for Sierra – dealing with a fever CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR MARK’s DAD – if you can help provide a meal, let Marilyn McAllister know ASAP PRAYING FOR PASTORS: Never lose sight of your purpose: Exalt Jesus. Each pastor is in the midst of a sea of distractions, a myriad of decisions, a congregation experiencing a multitude of pains and he/she is hearing from a thousand voices about how to navigate this pandemic. They need prayer to keep focused on Exalting Jesus above all else. Soul Care. Pray for them to press into the Lord instead of leaning away. Pray that they would nurture the essential relationships of their family and ministry. Pray the Ephesians 1:15-19a prayer over them so that they grow in their knowledge of the Lord and His Presence. Leadership Wisdom. They need incredible wisdom to navigate and lead amidst the changing roles of their staff and their own leadership role. They also need to clearly see what ministries stay or go...don’t put anything back in the closet doesn’t need to be there any longer. Courageous Vision. This could be the most difficult part of the process for most pastors. They need extreme courage to see and identify the new direction for their congregation and the courage to share and execute that vision. Finally, for bold and courageous hearts to make the hard decisions concerning staff, programming and building issues. (https://www.nationaldayofprayer.org/praying_pastors, accessed on 10/14/20).
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        If Only… Psalm 81            Three times a year Jewish men and their families were expected to appear ‘before’ the Lord in Jerusalem at one of the major worship gatherings. One of those festivals commemorated the years God’s people wandered in the wilderness wandering in tents. Once settled in the land, God’s people built homes, created villages, established trading routes, and other necessary structures for community life. Reverting back to tents for a few days each year was to recall the transitory nature of life, the feeling of dependence on God, and the sense of community created by close living quarters.            Re-enacting this decades long experience in just a few days, however, was more often than not a reminder of failure. How many times did God’s people drift from their allegiance to Him as they wandered? An entire generation of adults died in those 40 years because of one massively wrong decision.            As God’s people would gather for the Feast of Tabernacles one can almost hear God say, as the psalmist suggests… “If only my people would obey me! If only Israel would keep my commands!” (Psalm 81:13, NET).            If only…. What might our lives have been like ‘if only’ we had made different choices? Where would be living ‘if only’ we’d chosen another path? Though we all have regrets about past choices, God’s promise is for today. If only we obey Him today, our enemy would be subdued, our adversaries would be cowering in fear, and we would experience fullness instead of the gnawing sense of emptiness that often characterizes our lives.            If only…            We cannot change the past, but we can determine our direction for today.
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          Why I Give to the LMCO

          As Christmas season comes around again, people begin to think of decorated trees, tables and arches, mistletoe, manger scenes, and GIFTS! Eggnog, candy canes, cookies, luscious dinners, caroling, family visits, snow, ice skating, ski trips, tobogganing, and sledding. As an IMB SBC missionary for more than three decades out here — I pen these words on Oct. 5, 2020 in Chile, where spring has sprung — what do I think about? Well, for starters, heat, BBQ, watermelon, and firecrackers. Yes, we do put up a tree, and give gifts, but at the other end of the globe, and below the equator, it is summer. No turkeys are even available in most places where missionaries serve. What I think about more than anything is the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, the offering that Southern Baptist churches, partners, missionaries and their kids support at this time of the year, and which pays for our support and which keeps us, more than 3,600 missionaries and their children, on the field. At this time, of the year four key words come to my mind:

          -GRATITUDE: How thankful we are for the billions of dollars that SBC churches and individuals have poured out over so many decades in an offering of gratitude and praise to the Baby in a manger. It is an offering of gratitude to the One who was incarnated, who grew up, set up His tent among us, led a sinless human life, and then gave His life for a lost world. He then rose again on the third day and ascended into heaven, where He intercedes at the right hand of the Father for all who believe in Him. We share Him with the lost world, and we do it because of faithful giving to the LMCO.

          -LOSTNESS: I think of Kara and Bruno, Kara’s two-year-old boy. We met them on a prayer walk yesterday near our home in Chile. Kara was sitting on a bench. We approached her and found that she lives here and is married to a Chilean. She speaks English, and her father was a diplomat. She talked about how she often feels lonely, not knowing when she will see her family again. We gave her a tract, called “Steps to Peace with God,” and left. We now pray regularly for her and pray she will call us, or that we can meet again.

          -OPPORTUNITY: Our Lottie Moon offerings — yours and mine — pay for missionary rent, missionary health care, medications, food, and fuel. They even pay for the tract I gave to Mrs. Kara yesterday. The offerings also pay for us to share Theological, Biblical and Pastoral training with pastors and leaders in the interior of a country. Many potential pastors have never been to the capital and cannot easily go there to study in the seminary. Many people, like Pastor Raul, studied that way. Pastor Raul is a seminary teacher and pastors three churches in Uruguay’s outback. He also serves as the Secretary of the Uruguay Baptist Convention All this happened because of gifts to the Cooperative Program and our faithful giving to LMCO.

          -SACRIFICE: When God gave his son Jesus for a lost world, He gave his best. He gave his only, and He gave just what we needed. He so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son (John. 3:16). When I give my LMCO offering, I want it to be my best. I want it to be sacrificial, and I want it to be something that costs until it almost hurts. I make it my most expensive Christmas gift. I do not want to give to the risen Lord something as an afterthought. I want it to be well thought out, planned and sacrificial. Is that not the Spirit of Christmas? God gave us the best, His only and just what we needed. So why do I — an IMB SBC missionary of more than three decades — give to LMCO? Because I believe the offering is well utilized and administered, and I believe that I am privileged to do so.

          Tim Kunkel Santiago Chile

          OCT, 15 th 2020

          Heb. 6:10