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    1. Planted Not Buried

      When I think about the life of Joseph I think about an old Mexican proverb that says, “They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds.” This is a statement of perspective. Your perspective about God and yourself will impact how you view and respond to the situations in your life.

      In Genesis 50 Joseph’s father is now dead and here he is, standing in front of his brothers, who are now afraid that Joseph is going to retaliate. 

      What have they done? 

      They sold him into slavery. They're the cause of him being separated from his father and his younger brother for so many years. And in their minds, all they can think about is what they've done.

      But what is Joseph's response to them? He said, “you planned evil against me but God meant this for my good, God had another idea, God had another plan.” In other words Joseph realizes that their attempt to bury him was used by God as an opportunity to plant him.

      As you go through your day, it's important that, like Joseph, you realize that the enemy may be busy, and people may be difficult, but God has a way of turning disappointment, difficult people, grief, pain and problems into growth opportunities.

      God allowed Joseph to experience the highs and the lows of life because He ultimately had a plan. God knew Egypt is where he had to be. Joseph had to look back in hindsight, and realize God's hand in every event of his life. 

      And so I encourage you on this thing; take a moment, look back, look at some of your worst days; look at some of your best days. Ask yourself, “how did God use that to accomplish His plan for your life?” You're not here by accident. There's a God behind the scenes that's working, orchestrating, maneuvering, stopping, and starting. 

      His hidden work eventually comes into the public space. And sometimes, we've got to stop and reflect to understand that God was moving the whole time. 

      Take Action:

      Take a moment and think about lessons you've learned from your life experiences. How has God used what you've been through as an opportunity to grow you? Write one of those moments down and celebrate God's faithfulness!

      Today's Statement of Faith:

      There are no wasted experiences in my life. I will grow through what I'm going through!

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