• I was looking at adding this but wondered even with the March Matchups sale why the price was so high. Then I noticed that it includes volumes not yet available. About 10 years ago I paid $757 for Logos' EEC series. As of today, only 13 of the 44 volumes are available. At this rate it will be at least another 20 years before I can access volumes that I have already paid for! Caveat emptor.
    1. What volumes did you pay for that aren't available?
    2. , two of the three volumes not yet available have been submitted for editorial (Daniel, Ruth), and I don't intend to spend 20 years on the editing. The author is still working on the third one (Matthew), but I anticipate it sometime before 2041. ;-)
  • I already have the first two and the rest are forthcoming. I purchased the EEC around 8 years ago and am still waiting for the majority of the volumes. Fool me once . . .
    1. , I made the same connection in my mind between this and the EEC. The volumes of this series so far are good, but with the forthcoming authors being outside of Faithlife, you never know how long it will take to finish the new volumes.
    2. me too.
  • Paid for the whole package nearly seven years ago and still can only access eleven of the forty-four volumes. The volumes I have used have been helpful but Logos did its customers wrong here.