• Is this a paper or electronic bible built for Logos? It says hardcover...
    1. This items is available in print and currently not available in the Logos software.
    2. Yes, it says "The NIV Faithlife Illustrated Study Bible is available in four different formats: standard hardcover and three premium formats." Then there is a link to "See all formats."
  • My favorite Bible to read. However, when will Logos update it to version 2.0?
    1. Hi Chris, This version is version 2.0. Enjoy!
    2. That's awesome! Thank you for letting me know that, for some reason I was thinking it was only V1.0.  Now, if only the ISV team would make a V3.0 and incorporate all the actual names of God into it (just like the Names of God Bible (NOG)), it'd be even more amazing. ...I'm currently trying to petition them to do so, but no one ever responds from their website.  After that then they could make V4.0 to include an Interlinear Bible, just like the Lexham English Bible's (LEB) use of the interlinear. Although, I wonder if that'd be a Logos thing instead of an ISV thing...
    3. Random question for anyone: why don't more Bible's include the actual names of God in them (I.ie. Yahweh, Adonay, Elohim, Ruach Elohim, etc) instead of the generic (LORD, God, God, Spirit of God)? I felt very disappointed and upset with not having this information until in my 30's. I feel like it would've been more of a draw to read my Bible more as a kid/teenager/young adult, as it would've peaked my interest more. The term "God" is so generic and so many religions use that term to talk about their gods. It's probably one of the reasons why people ask "what's different about YOUR god?" Well, MY God, the REAL God, has a name; His name is Yahweh and he's a personable God. But I didn't learn that until my 30's... so disappointed but so happy to finally find the NOG. Big picture, I just wish the ISV and more Bibles would use the actual names of God. ...sorry for the rambling.