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    1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 22—Deserted. The crucifixion of Christ is portrayed plainly in this Psalm. Three of the most notable references to this Psalm at the cross of Christ are “My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me” (v. 1). “He trusted on the Lord that he would deliver him; let him deliver him” (v. 8). “They parted my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture” (v. 18). •Complaint of desertion: “Why?” was he deserted; “Why?” is his prayer not answered, “Why?” were the fathers (patriarchs) not deserted but he is. •Conditions of desertion: despised, mocked, weak, wounded, stripped (of garments). •Ceasing of desertion: the chapter ends in praise in anticipation of help from God.
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    1. Here's this week's Scripture passage!
      1. Insight from Butler's Daily Bible Reading: Proverbs 21—The last chapter in today’s reading addresses a number of the same subjects seen in previous chapters. Five subjects are especially emphasized. •Wrong attitude (vv. 4, 24): pride produces much evil. •Words (vv. 6, 23, 28): a lying tongue does evil but a good tongue helps to keep one from evil. •Women (vv. 9, 19): better to live in secluded places than with a contentious woman. •Without (vv. 13, 17, 20): the truly poor need to be helped but some poverty is caused by those who waste their money in foolish spending. •Work (vv. 25, 26): sluggards want great things, but they are too lazy to work for them.
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      1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 46—Refuge. A refuge in time of trouble. •Place of refuge: God. •Peace from the refuge: takes away fear; makes wars to cease. •Power of the refuge: much of the Psalm describes His great power over the enemy.
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      1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 53—Savior of Mankind. A beautiful prophecy of Jesus Christ. •Scorning of the Savior: despised and rejected, unappealing to the flesh. •Smiting of the Savior: it was vicious and vicarious. •Submission of the Savior: like a sheep going to slaughter, He opened not His mouth. •Saving by the Savior: “bore the sins of many.”
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          1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: John 12—Savior. The events of this chapter are the last of the public ministry of Christ. •Anointing of the Savior: the person anointing Christ (Mary); the price of the anointing (very expensive); the protest of the anointing (led by Judas Iscariot who was a thief and coveted the money). •Arrival of the Savior: the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem which included the accolades (from palm branches to Hosannas); the animal (Christ rode on a donkey which fulfilled Scripture); the animosity (Pharisees upset with the entry). •Asking for the Savior: some Greeks ask to see Jesus. •Announcement by the Savior: the crucifixion (He predicts His death); the confirmation (voice from heaven); the counsel (elaboration about the announcement). •Attitudes about the Savior: the rejection (in spite of miracles); the reception (some believed but did not confess Christ lest they be put out of the synagogue, for they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God). •Authenticity of the Savior: some last words of Christ to the people about His authenticity—He speaks the words which God the Father has told Him to speak.
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          1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 41—Speaking by God. Three main subjects comprise this message from God. •Conqueror for God: a prophecy of Cyrus (not mentioned by name till later chapters) several hundred years before Cyrus ruled Persia. •Calling from God: this speaks of the calling of Israel as a special people by God; it involved the serving of Israel (they are often mentioned as God’s servant—every calling from God is a calling to serve God); the security of Israel (God will protect them, “Fear not”); the strength for Israel (“I will strengthen thee”); the supplying for Israel (God not only protects them but provides for them). •Challenge from God: this is a challenge to idol worshippers about prophecy—can their idols predict accurately as God can? (a reference is again made to the prediction about Cyrus in this question).
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          1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Zechariah 14—Prospects. The future of Jerusalem and Israel is in view. •Conflict: the nations in the conflict (all nations to fight Jerusalem); the nature of the conflict (awful). •Conqueror: when the Lord conquers the nations, it will involve the region (earthquake will change it); the replacement (He will replace light); the river (a river will flow from Jerusalem, cp. Ezekiel 47); the ruler (the Lord will be king). •Changes: there will be a fertile land, a filled land (with people), and a free land (free of danger). •Curse: upon warriors (who warred against Israel); upon worshippers (who did not come to Jerusalem to worship). •Character: holy everywhere.