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  • Here's this week's Scripture passage (late due to an Internet outage)!
    1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Proverbs 1—•Commencing (vv. 1–9): here is the introduction of the book which includes the purpose of the book (“to give subtlety [prudence] to the simple [innocent], and to the young man knowledge and discretion” [v. 7]). •Companions (vv. 10–19): wise counsel is given about the peril of evil companions and their craftiness in seducing others to do evil—they can make evil sound so profitable, but it is all a lie. •Consequences (vv. 20–33): how you receive wisdom determines the consequences it will have on you.
  • Here's this week's Scripture passage! have a blessed Father's Day!
    1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 103—Grace of God. •Products of His grace: forgiveness, healing, satisfaction, revelation. •Portrait of His grace: slow to anger, plenteous, not always chide, great, compassionate, and eternal. •Praise for His grace: beginning and ending of this Psalm emphasize praise (“Bless” six times).
  • Here's this week's Scripture passage!
    1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Micah 7—Attitude in Judgment: •Guile of man: good men have perished; evil men do evil earnestly; no one can be trusted; judgment is needed. •Greatness of God: greatness in goodness (He will deliver though He disciplines); greatness in grace (He pardons as no other god).
  • Here's this week's Scripture passage!
    1. Insight from Butler's Daily Bible Reading: Proverbs 21—The last chapter in today’s reading addresses a number of the same subjects seen in previous chapters. Five subjects are especially emphasized. •Wrong attitude (vv. 4, 24): pride produces much evil. •Words (vv. 6, 23, 28): a lying tongue does evil but a good tongue helps to keep one from evil. •Women (vv. 9, 19): better to live in secluded places than with a contentious woman. •Without (vv. 13, 17, 20): the truly poor need to be helped but some poverty is caused by those who waste their money in foolish spending. •Work (vv. 25, 26): sluggards want great things, but they are too lazy to work for them.
  • Here’s this week’s Scripture passage!
    1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 25—Triumph. This prophecy continues the subject of the last verse of chapter 24—the triumphant reign of Christ. •Praise: for Christ for His wondrous work in conquering. •Prosperity: this will characterize His kingdom. •Peace: “He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces.” •Power: He rules with power.
  • Here's this week's Scripture passage!
    1. Insight from Butler's Daily Bible Reading: Isaiah 58—Sermon for Israel. The prophet delivers a short but pungent sermon to Israel. •Rigor of the sermon: “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgressions” (v. 1). •Rebuke in the sermon: Israel was fasting, but it was only an outward show; it was not affecting their conduct, for they were still oppressing people; therefore, they were not being blessed for fasting. •Requirements in the sermon: If they treat the poor properly, if they feed the hungry, if they help the afflicted, and if they keep the Sabbath, then blessings will come when they fast.
  • this wisdom comes from God, but we display it out of love. for true love is pure. But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace. - James 3:17-18 https://biblegateway.com/passage?search=Jas.3.17-Jas.3.18&version=NKJV
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  • Have a blessed Mother's Day!
    1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Proverbs 6—Five different areas are addressed in this chapter. •Involvement (vv. 1–5): get out of unsavory involvements quickly even if it humbles you. •Industry (vv. 6–11): an exhortation to work (by speaking of the industriousness of ants and of the poverty of lazy people). •Iniquity (vv. 12–15): a description is given of an iniquitous person. •Indignation (vv. 16–19): a list of six things God hates. •Immorality (vv. 20–35): another warning against immorality (the commandments will keep you from immorality; the conversation of immoral woman is perilous flattery; the condemnation of immorality—it is not “innocent” activity; the consequences of immorality include destruction, dishonor, and danger).
  • Here's this week's Scripture passage!
    1. Insight from Butler's Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 27—Satisfaction. The Psalmist is satisfied with •God’s salvation: so great he fears no one. •God’s sanctuary: wants to dwell in it all his days. •God’s security: in His pavilion. •God’s steadfastness: parents may forsake but not God. •God’s statutes: teach me thy ways. •God’s strength: wants it.
  • Praying for the victims of the Synagogue shooting. Here is this week's Scripture passage.
    1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 122—Piety. Dedication and delight in going to God’s house to worship are excellent here.