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  • Here’s this week’s Scripture passage!
    1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Proverbs 17—In this chapter of contrasts between righteousness and wickedness there are three repeated subjects. •Conversation (vv. 4, 7, 20, 27, 28): wicked people have wicked tongues, but a person who knows how to keep his mouth shut will be counted wise even if he is a fool (v. 28). Restraining the tongue’s movement is a mark of wisdom. •Children (vv. 6, 21, 25): a foolish child grieves his parents and grandchildren are the delight of grandparents. •Courts (vv. 8, 13, 15, 12, 26): righteousness emphasizes justice, but wickedness is not interested in justice and readily receives bribes (“gifts”) to pervert justice. Those who justify evil and condemn righteousness (which many of our courts do today) are an abomination to the Lord.
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    1. Here’s this week’s Scripture passage!
      1. Insight from Butler's Daily Bible Reading: Numbers 6:1–21—Separation of Nazarite. Rules of the Nazarite vow are given here. Separation, mentioned over 15 times in this section, characterized the Nazarite’s life. Samson was the most famous Nazarite. •Restrictions: prohibited eating or drinking any grape products, cutting of hair, or touching a dead body. •Requirements: if any regulations were broken, the Nazarite must offer the prescribed sacrifices. Numbers 6:22–27—Specifying a Benediction. This well-known benediction was given to Aaron to pronounce upon the people. The benediction is still used in churches and on special occasions in our day.
    2. Here’s this week’s Scripture passage!
      1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Micah 7—Attitude in Judgment: •Guile of man: good men have perished; evil men do evil earnestly; no one can be trusted; judgment is needed. •Greatness of God: greatness in goodness (He will deliver though He disciplines); greatness in grace (He pardons as no other god).
    3. Here's this week's Scripture passage! Due to this week’s issue with my Internet, I can only provide the text: Psalm 46:1 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.
      1. Insight from Butler's Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 48—Residence. A Psalm on Jerusalem (Zion). •Habitation: city of our God. •Location: beautiful for situation. •Preservation: from enemy who assembled to attack. •Meditation: in its Temple of God’s loving-kindness. •Observation: of the towers and bulwarks and palaces.
    4. Here's this week's Scripture passage!
      1. Insight from Butler's Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 62—Confidence in God. The Psalmist trusts God. •Cause for confidence: he waits (trusts) because of salvation. •Commands for confidence: he exhorts others to trust God. •Counsel about confidence: do not put your confidence in other things, for they fail.
    5. Here's this week's Scripture passage!
      1. Insight from Butler's Daily Bible Reading: Proverbs 4—•Witness about wisdom (vv. 1–13): the testimony of wisdom here comes from personal experience and gives a general exhortation to heed wisdom. •Walk of wisdom (vv. 14–19): it avoids the path of the wicked. •Words of wisdom (vv. 20–22): the value of the words of wisdom especially apply to the Word of God. •Way of wisdom (vv. 23–27): wisdom is to affect everything—our heart, mouth, eyes, mind, and feet are all to be controlled by wisdom. Likewise our faith is to affect our whole life.
    6. Here’s this week’s Scripture passage!
      1. Insight from Butler's Daily Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles 7:1–11—Sacrificing by the People. Much sacrificing occurred at this dedication. •Court for the sacrificing: a place was set up in the court of the Temple because the altar was too small to handle all the sacrifices. •Consuming of the sacrifices: the fire of God fell upon them and consumed them. •Commemorating during the sacrificing: the feast of Tabernacles was observed during this time. 2 Chronicles 7:12–22—Special for Solomon. God gave Solomon another special revelation at this time. This was the second revelation of God to Solomon. God’s message exhorted Israel to walk in His statues and that disobedience would result in dispersement and disrespect of the Israelites.
    7. Here's this week's Scripture passage (late due to an Internet outage)!
      1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Proverbs 1—•Commencing (vv. 1–9): here is the introduction of the book which includes the purpose of the book (“to give subtlety [prudence] to the simple [innocent], and to the young man knowledge and discretion” [v. 7]). •Companions (vv. 10–19): wise counsel is given about the peril of evil companions and their craftiness in seducing others to do evil—they can make evil sound so profitable, but it is all a lie. •Consequences (vv. 20–33): how you receive wisdom determines the consequences it will have on you.
    8. Here's this week's Scripture passage! have a blessed Father's Day!
      1. Insight from Butler’s Daily Bible Reading: Psalm 103—Grace of God. •Products of His grace: forgiveness, healing, satisfaction, revelation. •Portrait of His grace: slow to anger, plenteous, not always chide, great, compassionate, and eternal. •Praise for His grace: beginning and ending of this Psalm emphasize praise (“Bless” six times).