• This is an absolutely outstanding book. It rearranges events in Jesus's life in chronological order, which doesn't sound particularly impressive -- but, using multiple source materials, Dr. Moore reaches conclusions that offer new insights into both Jesus's life and the affect it had on those around him. The result is not only a compelling read (flowing more like a novel than a traditional biography), but an almost visceral experience. The book shows how events and interactions, dispersed in bits across the Gospels, came together in "real" time. As a result, Dr. Moore brings to life the changing dynamics of first-century Israel -- generating a palpable sense that "you are there" as things progress toward an inexorable end. Very highly recommended!
    1. Would love to see some sample pages of these commentaries
      1. Go to the list of individual commentaries above, hover over them, then go to that resource's page and they have a "see inside" button underneath the thumbnail of the book cover.