Give Your Students Access to a Theological Library through June 1—Free

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Due to the coronavirus crisis, many colleges and seminaries have been forced to send their students home to finish the semester online. Unfortunately, it’s much harder to take your campus library online than to do video lectures and online assignments. But with a robust online library, your students can do scholarly research without leaving their homes. Faithlife is temporarily providing free access to a remote learning library for your students and faculty to use through June 1, 2020.

Don’t let remote learning leave your students without their books.

Enjoy the thousands of resources included with each remote learning library license:

Step 1: Find or Create Your School Group for Free

Check to see if your school already has a Faithlife group. If not, create one for your school now.

Find your group OR create a new group

If you create a new group for your school, be sure to set your privacy level to “private” during your group set-up so that your students can find your group and request to join.

If you already have a group, make sure that the privacy levels are at “private” by navigating to Settings > Group Settings in the sidebar of your group page and looking under the Privacy and Safety heading for your group.

Note: If you are a student looking for a solution for your studies this semester, send this page to your school administrator so they can enroll your school in this program.

Step 2: Request Licenses for Your Students

After completing Step 1, fill out the form below with the requested information, and we’ll start working to grant everyone in your school group access to the remote learning library.

Sign Up

Enter your school's information below

Step 3: Invite Your Students

Our team will confirm your school’s request within 2–3 business days and unlock the appropriate number of licenses. You can then invite your students to your school’s online group to give them library access.

Be sure to send your students to our student instructions page if they want more information on how to access their libraries with Logos.

Step 4: Continue Learning

Now that you have a Faithlife group for your students, you can take advantage of the many other communication tools through the Faithlife platform.

For example, you can post announcements, create discussion topics or subgroups, schedule calendar events, send out newsletters, and more. Faithlife is a great way to keep your entire community connected during this unusual time.

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