• Please pray.

    Please pray for my brother Erich. He has been taken to hospital. He has not been feeling good last few days. He may have internal bleeding. Thank you so very much.
    1. Absolutely! Please keep us up-to-date as to how he is doing.
    2. Anne We will be praying 😘
    3. So we found out it’s a Kidney stone! Continuing prayer would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hey All – I wanted to give you a head up of the Crook family’s schedule as they transition to Maryland from Minnesota. They will be leaving Minnesota on Tuesday, 25 Jan, and slowly making their way to Maryland – making a few stops along the way. They will arrive in Maryland late in the evening on Thursday, 27 Jan. Their moving truck will be arriving sometime after that and they will be settling in over the weekend and the following week. We will get word out to the church if they have needs as they settle in. They will then be away for some family time from Feb 6-12, and anticipate being with us at church on Feb 13. The remainder of February will be time when they are settling into life in Maryland. Scott’s first day will be March 1 and to celebrate the Crooks joining us, we will be holding an after church luncheon, on March 6. Please mark your calendar and be sure to be there! Looking forward, just a reminder of how this transition is being planned, Scott will serve as an Associate Pastor from Mar 1 until the Sunday after Easter (April 24). This will give Scott ample time to get to know the church and settle in. Then, on April 24, we will install Scott as the Lead Pastor and Ed will move to a support role as an Associate Pastor until their family transitions in July. This upcoming year is going to be full of God’s grace and some exciting times for CrossPointe! We hope you are apart of every step and are filled with faith for all God has in the year ahead! Let me know if you have questions! Ed
    1. I had my cardioversion procedure this morning at the hospital, and a regular heart rhythm has been restored. Took under 5 minutes. Doctor is pleased with the outcome, and so am I. Thanks for your prayers!
      1. That's so great to hear. Al. Diane and I continue to pray for you and Carol. God is so good and His Blessings beyond measure! 💙🙏🏼
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      ReadWeekly Update
      January 19, - January 25, 2022

      Sunday, January 23, 2022

      Guest Speaker: Bret Hicks

      Please note that we have returned to wearing masks during the Sunday Service.

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        Please pray.

        Kerry Baldwin has Covid. Please pray for healing but also because today is anniversary of Chuck’s passing prayer for comfort . She ask no calls text or visit at this time needs time to rest. Thank you just to let you know that her boy’s are taking care of her. That if you could also pray for Mark, Dustin and Tiffany for comfort and peace during this day of the passing of their father. Thank you again for not nothing her in this couple of days.
        1. I am praying for you, Kerry. ❤️
        2. Diane and I are praying for you, Kerry. Give us a shout if you need anything...we're close by! 🙏🏼
        3. Thank you so much for your prayers , support and love....
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        ReadWeekly Update
        January 12, - January 18, 2022

        Sunday, January 16, 2022

        Mark 6:7-30

        Please note that we have returned to wearing masks during the Sunday Service.

        Live Stream is available here.

        1. Please pray.

          I've been under the care of a cardiologist since my coronary bypass surgery in March 2019. Lately I've developed an irregular heart rhythm, or atrial fibrillation, so I've been scheduled for an electrical cardioversion procedure at the hospital on 20 January. I'll be put to sleep and a defibrillator used to administer electric shocks to my chest, in an effort to restore a normal heart rhythm. Please pray for a successful outcome. Thanks!
          1. Dear brother, the Crooks are praying for your upcoming medical procedure & asking the God of All Grace to be near, strengthening your heart , sustaining your soul and encouraging your mind. Isaiah 41:10~ “I will strengthen you & help you; I will uphold you by My righteous right hand. Do not fear.”
          2. Praying for you brother.
          3. Lord thank you that you are with The Chilla family on this day. Cover them in peace and comfort.
        2. The church office is closed today, January 7, 2022 due to the snow.