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    New prayer need and an update

    Kay Booher

    Kay Booher is at Moore Regional Hospital. They say that she has had a heart attack, and they are planning to put in a stint. Pray for Kay.

    We asked prayer for Delores McIntosh, who was diagnosed with advanced cancer. She passed away last evening.

    Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

    Romans 12:12

    1. ReadUpdate!
      Mickey Staley


      Mr. Staley was moved to a regular room and is off the ventilator. We can praise the Lord for answered prayer, but do keep him in prayer?

      I hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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        from Fran Blakeley

        Delores McIntosh

        Fran has requested prayer foe Delores McIntosh. She is Jim Wood's sister. Jim is Fran's brother in law. Delores has been diagnosed with cancer. When it was discovered, it had progressed too far for treatment. She has been placed on hospice care. Please pray? Fran's extended family have all been challenged with medical needs lately. Let us love them all, by ministering faithfully in prayer.

        1. ReadA Prayer Request
          from Mike Staley

          Concerning his father

          Mike Staley received a call this evening (Tuesday) that his father has been admitted to the hospital with respiratory problems. He is on a ventilator and under sedation. Please pray for Mickey Staley? Keep him and the family in your prayers?

          1. ReadPlease pray for comfort
            Herrington family

            Sad news...

            Little Cameron Herrington was born with a heart condition, and had endured health issues most of her brief life. We began praying for her two days ago when she was admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately, Cameron passed away. It was not only her heart, but her liver and kidneys began failing as well. Please keep the family in your prayers. Cameron was eight years old.

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              Suzanne Bunnell

              Praise the Lord!

              Her surgery went well! Her ablation procedure went without problems. She will stay in the hospital overnight and the plan is to be home tomorrow (Thursday).

              Thank you for your faithful ministry of prayer!

              1. Readfor Larry Haywood
                Prayer Request

                In need of healing

                Larry received a spider bite on his hand. He went to the ER today because of apparent infection. Pray for swift healing?

                Also, a correction: Yesterday you received a request for pray for Cameron Herrington. Cameron is the great niece of Sharon Staley's sister-in-law. The request was in error about her being her daughter.

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                  Cameron Herrington

                  from Sharon Staley

                  The daughter of Sharon Staley's sister-in-law is in the hospital, and her prognosis is not good. Little Cameron Herrington has Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The function of her organs has been compromised. She is at Duke hospital, and the doctors are doing what they can, but they are not offering much hope. Pray for the Herrington family, and for Cameron.

                  1. ReadPray for comfort
                    Unexpected Bereavement

                    from Ken Bullard

                    Ricky Jackson is the brother of Ken Bullard's former wife. Mr. Jackson discovered his daughter, Brandy Marie Stack, after she had hung herself. Since he was an experienced EMT, he was able to revive her, but while she was in the hospital, physicians could detect no brain function. The decision was made to withdraw life support. Brandi was about 40 years old, and of course a cousin to Ken's sons Ray and Mark. She lived in South Carolina. Please pray for the family, as they grieve?

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                      Mary McNeill


                      Mary McNeill has been dealing with an infection in her foot for several weeks. She was admitted to the hospital this week for that reason. Add our sister to your prayer list for her healing.

                      Thank you for your faithfulness.