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    Pray for Larry Cameron

    Please keep Larry Cameron in your prayers? He is Sue Pope's brother. He's been admitted to Moore Regional hospital. His heart has become weak. Pray for his healing, and for Sue's courage and peace? Remember there whole family.

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      an Eternity to Rejoice
      Farewell, Jim Parker

      Jim Parker passed away this afternoon at his home in Cameron. Some of our members remember his ministry to the Countryside Youth years ago. Larry & Phyllis Haywood were such faithful friends, they were as close as family to Jim. Pray for everyone who remembers him and pray for all who will miss him. Rejoice in the Lord, for Jim is now in eternity with his Savior.

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        Prayer request for Titus Gall's brother.

        We received a message through Mary McNeill, that Titus Gall's brother has had a heart attack, and is in intensive care in a German hospital. His brother is not a believer. Please keep him in prayer?

        Pastor Dave

        1. ReadA Reminder!
          Help needed at church Saturday, January 4th!
          Take down the tree!

          We need a little help to take down Christmas decorations in the sanctuary.  Some unnamed faithful soul(s) already put away the decorations in the fellowship hall. (Thank you, so much!) So there's not much left to do. Work will begin about 8:30 a.m.  As soon as that is done the WiC (Women in the Church) will hold a meeting.  That meeting should begin by 10 a.m. Hope to see you there!

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            Mr. Jim Parker

            We just received word that Mr. Jim Parker is being transported to Central Carolina Hospital for some health issues. Please, be in prayer for him.

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              One More Prayer Request
              The Sutphin family

              I just got a text from Drew Sutphin. He said the new baby will be "arriving" tonight. Please pray for Roxy, and the new born? They do not anticipate any problems, but would appreciate our prayers!

              Pastor Dave

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                Prayer Request
                Suzanne Bunnell

                Pray for Suzanne Bunnell. She fell and broke her arm (upper right humerous) It's an inconvenience, and uncomfortable, but no surgery is needed. Pray for her and Carlin too.

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                  for Colton Brafford
                  Please pray?

                  One of Dale Cameron's great grandchildren is in the hospital. Colton Brafford is ten years old and is suffering from double pneumonia. He is the grandson of Brenda Temple, who is one of Dale's daughters. Let's keep Colton in our prayers for his healing.


                  Pastor Dave

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                    Misty Belvin's Father

                    Please be in prayer for Misty Belvin's Father, he has been rushed to the hospital for heart attack symptoms. Please keep Misty and her family in your prayers.

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                      Prayer Request for Dyan Pope

                      Dyan (DJ) Pope is having a heart catheterization today at 1 p.m. DJ and her family have been members for years and are loved by us all. Please be sure and pray for her?

                      Pastor Dave