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    One More Prayer Request
    The Sutphin family

    I just got a text from Drew Sutphin. He said the new baby will be "arriving" tonight. Please pray for Roxy, and the new born? They do not anticipate any problems, but would appreciate our prayers!

    Pastor Dave

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      Prayer Request
      Suzanne Bunnell

      Pray for Suzanne Bunnell. She fell and broke her arm (upper right humerous) It's an inconvenience, and uncomfortable, but no surgery is needed. Pray for her and Carlin too.

      1. ReadCPC Prayer Request
        for Colton Brafford
        Please pray?

        One of Dale Cameron's great grandchildren is in the hospital. Colton Brafford is ten years old and is suffering from double pneumonia. He is the grandson of Brenda Temple, who is one of Dale's daughters. Let's keep Colton in our prayers for his healing.


        Pastor Dave

        1. ReadPrayer Request
          Misty Belvin's Father

          Please be in prayer for Misty Belvin's Father, he has been rushed to the hospital for heart attack symptoms. Please keep Misty and her family in your prayers.

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            Prayer Request for Dyan Pope

            Dyan (DJ) Pope is having a heart catheterization today at 1 p.m. DJ and her family have been members for years and are loved by us all. Please be sure and pray for her?

            Pastor Dave

            1. ReadMeals Needed
              Meals Needed

              Church Family,

              Many of you heard the announcement yesterday that Mr. Jerry Summers hurt his thumb and will need surgery on the 18th. As you can imagine, cooking is a challenge right now. We all know Jerry is up to any challenge, but let's bring some meals to him to help out over the next several days.

              If you are able and willing to help, please contact Drew by phone or email: drew.sutphin@live.com

              Thanks for your help in advance.

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                Prayer need for Ted McClure
                Please pray?

                Ted was helping a neighbor do some garden work, and was bitten by a copperhead. Ted has been at Wake Med. since yesterday. He is responding to antivenom, but they think he might need another dose. Fran said they expect to go home tomorrow, but she is asking us to prat for Ted's healing.

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                  Prayer request.

                  Please prayer for Mr. "Fonz" Hargrove. He is a long time dear friend of Pete and Betty Snow. He was taken to the hospital today coughing blood. Prayer for an accurate diagnosis and quick recovery?

                  1. ReadSunday School
                    Link to New Series.

                    We hope you join us this Sunday morning as we begin a new series during the Sunday school hour. Tim will begin teaching through a systematic theology series by Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas. Included below is a link to the lectures. We encourage you to take a moment to listen to the first one entitled "Theology Matters" as it will be the one we start with. There will also be handouts for note taking and further study.

                    We are excited about this new series and look forward to growing more in the knowledge of our great God. We hope to see you there.

                    Link to Lectures on SermonAudio:


                    1. ReadPrayer Request
                      Pray for Dan Mayer

                      We received word last evening that Dan Mayer fell in his home yesterday morning and cut his arm. When the paramedics came, they took him to Womack. The ER there noticed some irregularity with his heart. He has been admitted for observation for a couple of days.