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    John Ragland

    Medical Need

    John Ragland expects to be admitted to the hospital this afternoon. His sodium levels are low. They want to start an I-V drip. He is very weak. Please keep John in your prayers?

    Your prayers do make a difference!

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      Medical Need


      Anthony Ragland's angioplasty went well. No blockage was found, so he doesn't need any stints. The Dr. did say that he had a mild case of hardened arteries.

      Also...Terry Moody has requested prayer for a friend, Mr. Ronald Garner. He has a severe case of the virus, and is in the hospital on a ventilator. Pray for his healing and recovery.

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        Medical Need

        Anthony Ragland

        Pray for Brother Anthony? His Doctor recently had Anthony take a stress test, and he did not do well. Anthony is scheduled for balloon angioplasty tomorrow (Wed. Apr. 14 at 12 p.m.) Keep him in your prayers? Keep Becky in your prayers as well?

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          Good News

          Norma Price

          Norma is home. The Price's son is with them for a few days. Norma did not break any bones. The Doctors are recommending some physical therapy. Other than that, she and Sam are pressing on together. Thank you for your prayers...and never stop!

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            Norma Price

            Hospital visit today

            Norma Price said that she has fallen several times recently. After the last time, a few days ago, she was able to get up and finish the day, but the next morning she struggled to get out of bed. The Price's son is driving her to the hospital today. They don't know if she's broken a bone or not. I could just be a deep bruise. Pray for both her and Sam? She said that she misses seeing everyone, and sends her love to you all!

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              Dan Mayer

              Home health care

              Dan Mayer is very weak. Barbara has called in Home Health Care to assist daily, and he has seen a hospice nurse. Pray for Dan and Barbara.

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                For Becky Ragland

                Surgery on February 11

                Anthony Ragland will be taking Becky to Moore Hospital Regional early tomorrow morning for scheduled surgery. Please remember her in your morning prayers? Keep her and Anthony in your prayers as she recovers? This procedure is to remove a small tumor.

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                  and a prayer request.

                  From Becky Ragland

                  Becky Ragland is back home, but her breathing therapy continues while she overcomes the virus. She is also concerned for a needed procedure to remove a small tumor. That has been rescheduled for February 4th. Becky also has requested prayer for a dear friend in Florida. Tracy Newhouse is in the hospital with covid-pneumonia. Ms. Newhouse also has other health issues that increase her risk. While you pray for Becky and Anthony, remember their friend Becky Newhouse?

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                    June Davis

                    Mary McNeil called and asked if we would pray for her friend and neighbor, June Davis. She is scheduled to get a pacemaker tomorrow. Let us always support our friends through the ministry of faithful prayer!

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                      from Kathy Gall

                      Pray for Ann Marie Elmore

                      Kathy Gall sent a prayer request through her mother, Mary McNeil. A dear friend of Kathy's who lives in Cary, NC is Ann Marie Elmore. She has just been diagnosed with leukemia, and has asked for prayer. The Galls have many friends in Cary who support them with prayer and contributions, and Ann Marie is among them. Keep her in your prayers for healing?

                      Thank you for your faithfulness.