• Here's today's Wednesday Word on Peace in the midst of chaos or confusion:
    1. Please pray.

      Please continue to pray for Blake and his family as they mourn the loss of his grandmother. She was killed when her car was hijacked this past week and we are asking God to bring His comfort, peace and to make His everpresence known to Blake and his family is this great time of loss. Please also pray that they would feel surrounded by God and his goodness in this time. James' Mom, Carol. She has left the ICU and continues to improve. Please pray that she can make a full recovery, that her body would be strengthened and that she would be able to return home soon. Please also pray for comfort and peace for her family in this time and for wisdom and good care for those in the medical field working with her.
      1. Finding Perfect Peace Today

        Jessy and I once were traveling and spent the night at an acquaintance's home. We had never been there before and upon arrival it appeared that the main spaces were kept nicely, but the more private spaces were unkempt. Judging by the level of grime and dust they hadn't been cleaned in months, but more likely years. Our acquaintances were busy with demanding jobs, and it appeared that the time just wasn't there to maintain their space. We were so grateful to have a place for the night, but it was a struggle to sleep well in the uncleaned sheets and space littered with piling garbage. We STAYED there for only six hours overnight, but the surroundings made finding rest a challenge and it felt like each hour was doubled.

        Isaiah 26:3 "You keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you." Today, I am meditating on the word "stayed". Jessy and I physically stayed in a situation that made our skin crawl, and rest was hard to find. Our surroundings as we fixed our eyes upon them brought distress, discomfort, disgust, and definitely not perfect peace. But as we can see in the verse, what's important is to stay our minds not on our physical surroundings, but on God. From this place comes perfect peace. How do we do this currently when there seems to be much tension, disagreement, sickness, hostility, or uncertainty that it makes our skin crawl and causes peace of mind to be absent? Just as this verse states, we trust God.

        How do we trust God? We know Him more. This looks like remembering what the Bible says about Him. Knowing He is able, reliable, does what He says He will do and is strong enough. Where are the places in your life today that make your "brain" crawl? Where is it hard to find peace? Where are the places where you need to remind yourself that He is able, experience that He is reliable, remember that He does what He says and declare that He is strong enough even though you may not be?

        Here are some practical opportunities we as a church family have to keep our mind "stayed" on Him this week and in the weeks to come:

        Prayer & Worship

        Prayer with Amenumeys- Fridays at 7 PM via Zoom

        Gudipati's Morning worship and prayer- Mornings at 8:30 AM via Facebook livestream on Jessy's page

        Wednesday Word With Sam- 12 PM on Cross Culture page via Livestream

        Sam and Tyler have some more intimate prayer times going on throughout the week as well. Reach out to them if interested tyler@crossculturemn.org or sam@crossculturemn.org.

        Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation Events

        Octave Prayer

        Monday, January 18th - Monday, January 25th. Every January for the last 113 years Jesus's followers from around the world have participated in 8 days (an octave) a prayer for Christian unity towards the fulfillment of Jesus's prayer in John 17 that we may all be one. You can join a 1/2 hour prayer gathering at 10:00 a.m. Central Time each day by signing up at this link: https://compassionconnect.regfox.com/prayer2021. 

        Journey to Hope, an MLK Celebration

        PCR is partnering with two Minneapolis congregations, the Urban Refuge and Mercy Vineyard, along with several other ministries  Monday, Jan. 18th at 7:00 p.m. You can participate by joining at this link. https://www.youtube.com/c/TheUrbanRefugeChurch

        There are many (What a great problem!). Perhaps picking one this week and another the next would help with making a choice.

        Seeking the ONLY ONE who brings perfect peace with you,


        1. The message in our Wednesday night Bible Study this week also was about God's peace from Roman's 5:1-5. Thank you for sharing, Mishawn!
        2. No way! That's awesome. I'm going to go check out this passage. So thankful that he promises peace!
      2. I just shared an update video devo including some changes to our Wednesday Worship over on Facebook:
        1. I thought that the invitation to PRESS IN & PRESS ON in today's devotional was a fitting follow-up to last night's message. There's always so much more that could be said about any of those scriptures or even this theme as a whole...but we've got a whole year ahead for that ;-) "We’re called to do His work, day by day. And we’re called to work as if we don’t have another chance—as if nothing in the world is more valuable."
          1. Please pray.

            Please be praying for my Dad. He is going on 15 days with Covid and the resulting breathing difficulties. Fever has been coming and going and they have him on oxygen to keep his levels up.
            1. He is hanging in there. Not necessarily improving but also not getting worse, so that is good news.
            2. Thanks for sharing. We will continue to believe and pray for God to encounter Him and bring healing as well!
            3. Have been praying for your dad. How is he doing?