• How our soul longs to hear these words!
    1. Notice the contrast in these 2 verses between those who live only for this life and our reason for living.
      1. Read Deuteronomy 7:6-8 and answer the following questions: What was Israel chosen to be? (Is their any New Testament scripture that tells us God us chosen us the same way?) Did God chose Israel because they were a large, powerful nation? What were the two reasons God gives for choosing Israel? How does this apply to our lives?
        1. God chose us to be His own special treasure because He loves us and to keep the oath He swore, Deut 7:8. Yep 1 Peter 2:9 tells us that we are "a people for God's own possession"....... who "have received mercy." Thanks Mike
      2. Why does God bring us out of something? To bring us in to something better!
        1. Moses foretold the dispersion of Israel among the nations because of their idolatry AND the return of Israel in the latter days!
          1. It seems like we have a tendency to want to add to God's requirements. Is this as bad as taking away from God's word?
            1. Good evening all!! Leviticus and Numbers were a challenge, for sure. God's patience and his attention to detail are evident throughout. Does make me ponder the way He desires to be involved in every aspect of our life, for our good!!
              1. I can see why they call "numbers" numbers! It seems like one of the major purposes of Leviticus is to show the Holiness of God.
            2. Reading all the different rules regarding food and animals in Leviticus. I admit that I do not understand it all but some prohibitions are to keep them from copying the ways of the culture around them, and these cultures practices, sacrificing to false god's etc. Some seem to be health related and are at least in part to protect the Israelite people, or so it seems to me. Any thoughts?
              1. Is God opposed to inter-racial marriage?
                1. The Jealous God
                  Is it a good thing that God is jealous?