• I've been a Logos user (first introduced to me during my Christian University education in the early 2000s). The WBC has always been a source of thoughtful and compelling exegesis that I know I can always rely on to enrich my Bible study and spiritual walk. I've been adding to my Logos/Faithlife resource library since that time and am happy to have finally completed my WBC library at such a great price. Thank you Faithlife.
    1. I have invested quite a bit of money creating the perfect Logos library for my needs. I have been a Logos user since the days of downloading via discs approximately 14 or so years ago. I haven't updated in years mostly bc I haven't the need for more books and cannot justify expending so much more money. I only require a system upgrade and echo what others have said. Honestly, I have taken to using Olive Tree. It is simpler to use and though I don't have the resources I have in my Logos library I find it fulfills my needs perfectly. It is very simple to use, to add reading plans, daily devotionals and use Bible study tools. Since I am no longer a Theology student my days of critical exegesis are behind me and my needs have changed. I still enjoy my Logos from time to time so I look forward to the promised affordable system upgrade in 2019.
      1. We are in the same boat. I too am a Platinum user from when it was the highest platform and I was a penny pinching Bible student. So the expenditure then was even more waist tightening then it would be now. I am hopeful that Logos will consider the needs of its existing users who already possess a burgeoning library. It makes little sense to cater primarily to new users or those who demand the latest bells and whistles without concern for finances. I am neither. Logos are you listening?
      2. I was going to upgrade as well, but after reading Jonathan's post, I have my doubts. I can't believe how expensive it would be to upgrade his platinum, after spending that much already. I like Logos, but the learning curve is too great, and don't feel like I am getting my money's worth unless I am using all their features. I have to say I mostly use Wordsearch bible software because I get great deals on their books, and their upgrades to their software are only about 40 bucks, and using their software is simple. Everytime I compare prices on books, they are always less at Wordsearch, and their salespeople always send me emails giving me at least 20 percent less than the sales price on their website. I do like Logos Mobile Ed though, and I try to wait for them to offer what I want to watch on their Mobile Ed subscription, which is a great way to get some bible education, but honestly for the best quality, best priced christian education, I have been studying at "Christian Leaders Institute" for the last 3 years, and it is a great way to get donation based quality education.
      3. Same here. I have Platinum, and it's so expensive to update it. I got this just for personal study and to volunteer teach in my church. What I did do was spend money on the set of Word Biblical Commentaries. With college tuition for my kids coming up, can't really afford the price. Probably future upgrade path will be focused on specific resources instead of packages...not that I've even come close to exhausting the resources I already purchased.