• I called to discuss the fact that I just paid off my version of logos in Sept '16. I have paid over $4,000.00 for a program that is cumbersome and has so much that I will never use and it appears that this company has bought into the politically correct usage of all that is wrong with the l progressive left that has invaded the church during my lifetime. I was interested in upgrading but this company wanted over $1,600.00 to upgrade to version 7. The salesman did NOT want to hear my concerns. He represented to COMPANY line stating over and over all of the great additional features and how that justifies the cost. No concern for loyal customers. I am now using Word Search. When I upgraded from version 10 to version 11 I paid $40.00 for the engine and am able to add those sets that I want. I am not happy about the waste of money for this program. I will not return until it unless they revise their business model. I realize that many on here will not agree but that is ok. Blessings to all.
    1. which is Word search?
    2. If you like word search I have a library I can give you or sell you depending on how much time it would take me to transfer to you. I have lots of very good resources I never use (ex Liddell Scott lexicon). I spent around $600 with word search and dumped it all for Logos. I understand your concerns. Heck, maybe we could trade some resources if you don't use logos. I would recommend you check your computer setup if it's clunky for you and learn how to use the program. It's better than word search. Hoping this helps you use your investment. Also, it shouldn't cost you that much to upgrade. You can get the core datasets for like $350 probably or cheaper if your logos now and they are worth the money if you use them. If you don't, just wait for the core engine for free.
    3. Chris Clanton, how do I contact you about the Word Search library to figure out the cost?