• Well I have had Verbum Capstone for about six months now and it is helping me with my Theology Degree and personal study. I am Catholic which is why I own the Verbum version of Logos which has all the gold requirements in it I believe. Some things I did not even realize I had until trying to order them and them Logos taking it out of my shopping cart automatically since I already had it. This is the ultimate program I feel for deepening your personal relationship with God or for research for most Pastors. I highly recommend it.
    1. I have owned the print version of this in print since 2010. I hardly ever use it since having logos is usually enough for me. It only covers things specifically written in the Bible so don't expect to find things that come up in your head only to look up. It gives plenty of Biblical references however. So it is good for any theologian out there looking for a meaning to a word in the Bible. You may also find that in the Catechism of the Catholic Church if you can find it covered in there however. So I am sure the electronic version is better than the print version.
      1. I was back here again to review my review and have noticed there are not any stars on it. I don't know why because I believe I rated it a four star review.