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  • God's glory
    The lesson that was being taught here is that it was more important for Moses to understand the attributes of God, than see his physical manifestation.
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    2. Lynden, copy/paste to this "reply" then i will post mine.....looking forward to it..
      1. Yes, there is. actually three times. triny's are so bad about the simple things that they often miss the real truth. look at it this way. I see that you do not understand the concept of "discussion"
      2. i forgot a book. and the screen was still up.... but out for now.. R4m.
      3. -I do understand discussion. However, you don't discuss, you attack the person, their background, their intellect and provide nothing.
    3. The "About" was amended to add a link to a debate that has already ended
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      3. Opening Statement - 1st Lesson. Please make statements and comments under this 'reply'. Thank-you.
        1. THe only one not doing much is you actually. All you do is attack, no substance.
        2. You also, as usual, have not answered my questions.
        3. David Taylor Jr 6 minutes ago You also, as usual, have not answered my questions. I will think about it. I need to finish my other section of what I started....
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