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    "Wind patterns can also turn in their direction..."

    This is Not a Bluff

    Regardless of how it begins, it will not end well. Russian President Putin stated he is sending 300,000 more troops into the battle zone in Ukraine. In this one move, the 'local' war may have now escalated into a potential world war, World War III.

    Putin made it clear that he was not bluffing when he said he was open to nuking the west. In a televised national address Wednesday, Putin said,

    “When the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. This is not a bluff.”

    Putin accused the U.S. and allies of seeking to “destroy” Russia. He believes the west is trying to bring down his country, and he's probably right. The problem with the U.S. going up against Russia is that Russia has some hefty allies in its court: China, Iran, North Korea, probably India, and maybe Turkey.

    Putin went on to say,

    “Those who are trying to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the wind patterns can also turn in their direction.”

    The countries above could have the advantage over the once powerful and supreme United States for several reasons:

    They are not concerned with climate change. They will do whatever scorched earth action is necessary to accomplish their goals. Second, they have not decimated their military by kicking out those who refused the experimental, so-called vaccine. Joe Biden released many of the best and brightest from our troops. Third, these countries, potentially set to attack the U.S., don't have an issue with pronouns and trying accommodate transgender men and women, or is it women and men, or whatever? They do what the military is supposed to do; train their men to fight and kill the enemy. Finally, they are not sending their troops to other states to get abortions.

    Our military is woke, weak, and wussified. Aside from that, our illegitimate Commander-in-chief suffers from dementia and every decision he has made over the past 19 months has failed. We are in trouble.

    Our military, thanks to Joe Biden, is a shell of its former self just two years ago.

    There is a reason the United States is not in prophecy.

    1. Wow!
    2. Very well stated and I believe right on!
    3. I agree 100%! We are at great risk both from within and without. The taking down of our country is farther along than we might think and sadly most Americans, as long as they are comfortable, will take the "I am just not into politics" approach and they have not a clue as to what is happening to our country. I am so very thankful to know my eternal destiny in Christ!
  • Of course, this is a blatant attack on our democracy and an attempt to falsely misrepresent and pin the blame of January 6 on MAGA Republicans and President Trump. But this is what ignorant people believe (and there are many).
    1. Disgusting!
    2. What are we up against? We can only appeal to our Lord for help!!
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    It doesn't get much more laughable than this. I guess they are now redefining the word "sanctuary."
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      I am not a legalist, but if a Christian family who professes to be a new creation in Christ Jesus still has the Disney channel or Disney + in their homes, they should be ashamed. "Disney just announced with great relish a new animated series on their FX channel about a woman who has a one-night stand with Satan, gets pregnant, and delivers the Antichrist. The show is about how hard it is to be a single mom and stuff while dealing with a cantankerous absentee father who happens to be the Father of Lies and summons demons, and the day-to-day challenges faced by a daughter whose Dad is a fallen angel who is also the Prince of Hell." ~Jeff Childers If anything should make us exclaim "WTH?!" it is this. Get that garbage out of your home!
      1. Right on, Jerry. We have been duped by Disney (Satan) for a long time. It's not subtle anymore but in our faces. In a twisted sort of way, that's a good thing. We see more clearly now. Thanks for sharing the article.
      2. I doubt the current “Disney” is what Walt intended it to be. They are run by the extreme left who want to promote this evil
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      This is right on, and it also rings true with things we have been taught Biblically which may be incorrect, not because of lies, but from the lack of pastors, theologians, and laymen failing to separate Law from Grace and not "rightly dividing the Word of Truth" (2 Timothy 2:15).
      1. When teachers indoctrinate instead of educate, this is what one gets!!
    3. We attended a lecture last night on election integrity in California by the brilliant Dr. Douglas Frank. He covered tons of data showing a preponderance of the evidence that our elections are being manipulated via computer software. One stat that stood out, and the question that needs to be answered, is how can voter rolls grow faster than the population trend? The entire State of California is a mess, but the county where I live, Fresno County, is one of the top 100 counties nationwide for suspected fraud. Many competent patriots are working on getting answers and making our elections secure. The key is that we must go back to paper ballots, and each precinct must count them by hand, which is completely doable! Another key is to vote ON ELECTION DAY. Go into a polling place and hand them your ballot. We must return to "One Election Day, and One Vote." Pay attention, and Vote Republican.
      1. I wish I could have heard him. I have followed him and his research for quite awhile.
    4. You Get What You Ask For

      If you happen to live somewhere else besides the Central Valley of California, just so you know, it was REALLY HOT yesterday; record-setting hot precisely. It reached 115 degrees at my house. That's not good for gardening, woodworking in the shop, or just plain living.

      Fortunately, "it's a dry heat!"

      The only thing one can do during sweltering heat like that is to stay inside with the AC performing its vital task of keeping us alive (which is why I paid $10K for my four-ton, made in the USA, Carrier unit four years ago!)

      But, Houston, we have a problem; the California grid operator called for power rationing.

      Hold your horses.

      Isn't California the State that is leading the way in the New Green Deal? Hasn't our failing governor stated that California is a model for the nation? Didn't Gavin Newsom declare, "No more new gasoline vehicles to be sold in California by 2035"?

      All of the above, of course, means more electric power use...and...more strain on the feeble power grid...and...more rationing. Instead of leading the way, Newsom is dragging Californians back into the dark ages.

      But never mind that. Electric is the way to go. Who needs that efficient renewable oil anyway? Or, how about that pesky natural gas, the other gas that comes from the ground and is also renewable? Forget that crap, and let's erect more bird-killing made-in-China windmill machines! We don't need no stinkin' oil or gas.

      Oh, wait, it does seem that California needs it!

      To avert a possible shutdown of the electric grid last night, the California Independent System Operator called on the Department of Water Resources to...

      Activate four emergency natural gas generators.

      The generators were installed in 2021 in Roseville and Yuba City, Sacramento-area cities.

      The generators can provide up to 120 megawatts of power through natural gas. That’s enough to power about 120,000 homes, according to a Department of Water Resources news release.

      When energy is needed the most, oil and gas are the way of the future!

      California voters had a chance to oust our failed governor in 2021, but out of 26 million eligible voters, less than half voted, and only a third of those wanted to remove him. With Newsom up for reelection in November, which he will win handily, Californians will get the same result.

      The crises we face in California are due to ignorant adults who are eligible to vote but don't. Until the People of California rise and cast their votes for Republicans, the State will continue to spiral into third-world despair. You get what you ask for.


      1. No common sense now days!!
      2. A statement I fully support. Have you considered submitting as a letter to the editor? Question would then be which editor? ohhh and don’t forget people were told not to pull in their electric cars. Another “The Emperor has no clothes” situation.
      3. Thanks! I think a more effective way today is for people to share with their contacts various posts they like.
      1. Praying for health leaders to have courage to speak up!!