• Won't my Logos Bible software search my Spurgeon collections and do the same thing this does?
    1. Good question! If you own all the books Spurgeon wrote that are published by Logos, searching them could certainly come up with some of the same content. But I don't agree that a search would do the same thing. (if I agreed, I would not be putting this resource together!) A search is a very blunt instrument, and there are things that a human editor can do that a search can't. A human editor, for example, can pick up on allusions, where a search would only be able to find explicit citations. A human editor is also able to sort through citations to determine when Spurgeon is really saying something substantive about a verse and when he is merely mentioning it as part of another discussion. Finally, a human editor, unlike a search, can see when Spurgeon is writing in an expository mode, an illustrative mode, or an application mode.
    2. This looks like a great resource, Elliot. Thanks, brother!
    3. I have a lot of Spurgeon's works on Logos and WordSearch, but I will probably get this as well. Frankly, I wish the sources were documented. Anytime I want to quote something, I want to know just where it came from rather than just the fact it came from a certain person.