• The Bible is a road to a Risen Lord. It shows us the way to Him and what His desires are for our life. I refuse to debate which one is "better" since I am now a Christian and the Bible has done it's job. Should (and I don't believe this would happen) there comes out evidence that the Bibles are all totally fake it would not shake my relationship with Jesus Christ. Granted it has information to help me live a better life tomorrow than I have today but everytime I take something from it that helps me in my relationship with Christ its job is done for that instance.
    1. Having been a user of LOGOS (LIBRONIX) since its founding in the early 90's they have been a platform for my ministry. Much of what they did in the past was below value and many a preacher, like myself now in our 70's, not only would not have had the needed resources to perform our ministries, but because of LOGOS became familiar with computers and today are not left behind. Thanks Dave for this ministry. I can't afford it but I am going to do it so LOGOS will be around many years to help preachers function on the cutting edge of ministry. Pastor Al Brodbent