• Dear Family, Please pray for Dave and Barbara Rupert. They just returned from a two week vacation and the couple they were traveling with came down with Covid.  Barb is now sick and they are headed to get Covid tests.  Also this morning they got news that their niece in Alaska Cristina and husband Mike’s full term baby Ty was born dead from a heart issue.  Their 3 year old Rio says Ty is going home to heaven. Please pray for comfort for all.  I am asking prayer for more ongoing prayer for Sandy Grossi. One of the rods in her neck is loose and pressing on her skull. She finally saw her spine surgeon last week.  He is reluctant to do more surgery and disturbing the skin graft area and causing more infection.  I think he is quite stymied.  He had asked her to put up with it for 3 more months, then he would do another CT scan.  In the meantime, he called her and said he was to attend a spine conference this week and would take her case before his colleagues and see if they had any suggestions and get back to her.  He has moved her CT scan up to 7 weeks from now instead of 3 months.  She has been sick all week, often has terrible headaches.  Please pray for God’s intervention and that the Spirit would speak to Dr. Hostetter to be able to help Sandy and to give her comfort.  Her only peace and hope comes from God. Please uplift her.  Thank you for your faithful prayers,  Marie
    1. Praying 🙏
  • Following are items that we would like to BORROW for camp week, August 16-20. Please clearly label with your name and bring to EBC no later than Friday, August 13. * 6 Canopies * Hoses * Extension cords * 40 small hammers * 10 hair driers * 4 outside trash cans * 4 handheld mirrors * Tarps at least 12 feet wide
    1. I have a small hammer, one hand held mirror, a very long extension cord and a hose available.
    2. YAY! Thank you! Please clearly label them with your name, then bring them to EBC. You can put them in the Jeep.
  • Happy Anniversary to those with August Anniversaries! August 13 - Steve and Jeanette Nelson August 16 - Darren and Janna Henderson August 16 - Aaron and Michelle Bell August 26 - Dan and Theresa Hoffman August 27 - Byron and Elysia Adams
    1. Janette
  • Happy Birthday to those with August Birthdays! August 1 - Gabriella Martinez August 2 - Annika Howard August 2 - Tom Moore August 4 - Larry Keevy August 5 - Elise Weise August 8 - George Guth August 11 - Marie Nickel August 12 - Justin Van Eaton August 15 - Brandy Christenson August 17 - Liz Vacknitz August 18 - Peggy Baublitts August 21 - Sam Reese August 24 - Cindy Staab August 26 - Ashlee Vacknitz August 27 - Jason Hunter August 29 - Skyelynn Cummins August 30 - Jeannine Charon
    1. If you receive an email from Eric Magnuson FW:Birthday Order, please do not open it! We have been hacked and it is an attempt to get money. It is not from us! I am now unable to access my email account, but we are working on it!
      1. People have way too much time on their hands. I pray this is quickly resolved.
      2. Hey, I just checked my email and I did get the bogus email. It's been deleted 👍🏻
    2. There are still a few volunteer spots that need to be filled for the Somethingmore Family Festival. Parking - 3:00 to 6:30, and 6:30 to 10:00pm Security - 6:00 to 10:00pm Clean up - 6:00 to 10:00pm Card Processing - 10:00pm to 12:00am Please go to https://www.somethingmorefest.com to sign up.
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        Please pray.

        Please pray for Pastor Dan Wuthrich of Tanwax Chapel. He has an abcessed tooth and has been in the hospital for three days. UPDATE - Pastor Dan Wuthrich has been released from the hospital and going directly to an oral surgeon. Please continue to pray for him,
        1. We recieved the following note from Jack Moore; I've been in ministry now for seven years, and in that time (according to my math) we've faithfully discipled about 150 students, three of which have gone into the world as full - time missionaries - not to mention the numerous baptisms, salvations, healings and deliverances we've seen along the way. That being said, one thought keeps coming to mind when I look back at what we've done: "Man, I can't believe I've been doing this for seven years already..." The longer I do this the more I'm convinced that what impresses God isn't numbers, but faithfulness. At the end of the day the real victory, what really 'counts', is the fact that we stuck it out. I'm so grateful for your faithful partnership which has enabled me to continue serving this ministry and pursue God's dream for Bellevue College. I would not be here without you! Thank you For Jesus, Jack P.S. Looking forward to coming down and giving you an update in person this summer!